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Training Server Etiquette

So, you’ve finally made it on board the mothership, and want to start cranking out those contracts, but you feel it’s probably best to start with a couple training contracts before entering the big league of player contracts? Perhaps you’re an old-timer who need some quick cash or XP, but no player contracts are available right now? Or maybe you just enjoy the community and environment in the FSN training servers? Here is an article on and a collection of the most commonly asked questions about behaviour and etiquette when working the training contracts!

The training servers are a fully integrated part of the FSN community. All FSN rules and regulations apply for the training servers as well, unless explicitly written in the wiki. Pleaseread the wiki thoroughly. It will take you less time than a medium sized contract, and can potentially save you several times the price of said contract in fines.

As the name suggests, the training servers are a place where you can get some feeling for the FSN way of life without any mistakes causing losses to other FSN farmers. These servers are a safe place for rookie mistakes, and noone will cause you any pain over an honest mistake. If you are new to FSN, you can expect other players on the server to be more experienced than you, and are more than welcome to reach out to them for advice. If you are more experienced, pay forward any help and support you got (or didn’t get) when you were new. Have patience with new members, help then out when they need it, and be nice.

NOTE: While most advice given by more experienced members are good, they may also be mistaken. For FSN rules and law, always go with what the wiki says over advice from other members. Hans and other senior staff may supply the rules and laws in Discord. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, ask in the “questions” sub in Discord.

The training farms are large community farms run by the whole FSN community. This means that we all need to cooperate to make the operation work as smoothly as possible. You should be able to find your equipment you need in one of the yards, filled with whatever you need. Take only the equipment you need, go to the field carefully and in accordance with all FSN traffic rules and start work immediately. Once you’re done, take the equipment back to the yard, wash it, fill it up to 100% with required material, and refuel if below 60%. Park the equipment neatly.

We are not going for a “leave it the way you want it to be found” or “better than you found it”. Know that if you DO find the equipment in a state not according to the procedure, the previous user may have had a reason for this (sudden disconnect, RL emergency etc). This does not mean you can leave it like that yourself. You need to follow this parking procedure even if you had to pick up the equipment dirty and empty in a ditch. While it may be annoying having to tidy someone else’s mess, any such added efforts is always noticed by Farm Managers and other seniors, and will benefit you largely in the long run of your FSN career.

To sum it up: Be nice to your fellow farmers. Have some extra patience with those less experienced than yourself, and don’t be afraid to reach out to those more experienced. We are all here to have fun!

Some frequently asked questions

What is the password for the training server?

  • The password was provided to you in the welcome DM you got on Discord when you were whitelisted. If you have read through it all twice, and are positive it is not there, or if you can’t figure out how to use it (keep getting told it’s the wrong password), send a DM to the same person who whitelisted you. He is the only one who can give you the password. Do not ask for it in Discord, they can not provide you with a password.

I’ve accepted a contract and entered the server. What is my job?

  • The contract you took provides you with the information you need. Click the “i” button for details. If you have already accepted the contract, you can find it under “My Contracts” in the contract center. Find the correct field and do the job that is next on the list provided in the contract details.

I’ve seen people plow a field even though the field is not withered or harvested. Can I do that if I prefer this kind of work?

  • No. A general rule of thumb is that just because you see someone do something, doesn’t mean it’s legal. You must do the job as described in the contract. If the field is plowed, plant. If the field is planted, fertilize. If the field is ready for harvest, harvest. If the field is harvested or withered, plow.
  • The only exception to this set order, is if a field is plowed and needs lime. You can then choose your preferred job, lime spreading or planting (lime is not mandatory).

I found the field, but it is currently growing and fully fertilized. What do I do?

  • Unfortunately, this can happen with the randomized training contract system. If you are certain there is no other job possible to do on the field, you will have to plow it under. Imagine that the crop has been infested and can no longer be harvested, so the best use is to plow it in as fertilizer for next round. Do NOT complete the contract without doing any work. This will result in fines.

The field is ready for harvest, but it’s raining. What do I do?

  • Same answer as previous question.

I’m in the server, but the equipment I need for the contract isn’t at the lot. What do I do?

  • The equipment may all be used by other farmers doing the same type of work. Ask the others in the server, maybe someone is almost done, or has some extra equipment they are not using. Also note that Midwest Horizon has two parking lots, one at the shop in the east part of the map, and one in the far west end of the map. Check both lots. If there is no equipment available, and you can’t or don’t want to wait for it to free up, you are free to cancel the contract on this basis.

I see an awesome training contract in the contract center, but my wife / mom is telling me I have to do chores. Can I accept the contract and do the work a little later?

  • No. Don’t accept contracts unless you are available to do them right away and know that you will be able to complete it. New contracts will be available when you are ready to take them. Also note that there is no such thing as “an awesome training contract”. Training contracts are priced by a set formula based on field size, which means that every contract will pay the same for the same amount of work. The high paying contracts will just take longer to complete, and the ones paying multiple thousand will take hours. Make sure you can actually complete it before accepting it.

I’m halfway through a training contract and suddenly discover that I won’t be able to complete it in one go. Can I keep the contract and complete it later?

  • This is not advisable. The training servers are not running seasons, and the fields will continue through the stages fairly quickly and at random times. If you are away for any more than a short time, there is a good chance the remainder of the field has advanced to the next growth stage by the time you are back. Life can happen, and not everything can be planned, so if you can’t complete it, you may cancel the contract and leave a note in the contract-center channel on Discord saying that you had to cancel a half-finished contract. You will not be paid for this work, consider this the fee for the next worker having to tidy the field.
  • However, if you discover this in time, and have a few minutes to spare before you have to go, this is an excellent opportunity to try adding a contract of your own. This way, you will be paid for the contract, and pay parts of it on to another contractor to finish your work. Go to the Contract Center on the website, click Add Contract and fill in the required info. Make sure you select the correct server.

I have a large contract and want someone to work it with me. Can I make this happen?

  • Absolutely. Working together is the whole point of FSN. Just make sure you do it properly. The preferred way to arrange this is using a contract, as described in the previous question.
- NOTE: Because of the limited amount of available equipment, you only have the right to use one set of equipment for each job. You may hire a helper to join you if there is equipment available and not much traffic on the server, but if someone joins at a later time and needs that equipment, you will have to give away one of the sets. For harvest contracts, you can still keep one harvester and one semi. Under no circumstances can you hire more than one helper on a training contract.

I see two contracts that are close to eachother and involve the same type of work. Can I accept both of them and do them back to back?

  • No. You can never work on more than one contract at a time, regardless of what the contract in question is. Once you’ve accepted a contract, this contract needs to be fully completed, including any parking procedure, before you are allowed to accept a new contract. It is technically possible to hold two contracts at a time in the contract center. This is only to be used if you finish the work of a contract, but have to wait for the timer before completing it, or if there is an issue with the contract preventing you from doing the work required.

What happens if I break the rules in a training server?

  • Like mentioned at the start of this article, all FSN rules apply fully to the training servers. Police inspect the servers frequently. They know that the training server is often visited by inexperienced contractors and may choose to be a little more lenient on actually fining you for breaking a rule, but this is down to the discretion of the officer in question. Any breach of rules is subject for fining, and the fact that you didn’t know the rule does not entitle you to be let off with a warning. If the officer chooses not to fine you, that is an act of kindness, not something to be expected.
  • Serious misconduct that affects the gameplay of others, including, but not limited to cutting through fields or deliberately ramming other players, will always result in fines.