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What is an Agreement in FSN?

Agreements are the tool used in FSN to document a variety of business arrangements, such as leasing of land, sharing of equipment between farms, or just about any other cooperative arrangement between players. From the FSN standpoint, an “Agreement” is simply an agreement: a mutual understanding between two farms, for a certain length of time, within the context of FSN gameplay.

Example situations where Agreements are very useful:

  • Leasing land
  • Co-op situations where silo space, equipment, land, or other resources are shared
  • Hiring Farmhands to help you for a complete year or season
  • Having land on your non-home Server and sharing or using equipment with a FM on that server.
  • Cooperative business efforts where one player would have a BGA or a Cattle Pen, and the other player is providing silage or other feed stock.

When to Farms or Players decide to work together in any sort of capacity, it is up to the Players to decide the terms of that arrangement (as long as it is consistent with the Guidelines and Expected Behaviors). It is not required to use the Agreements feature on the website, but it is encouraged because unless you have a documented agreement on the website, the arrangement cannot be enforced by FSN staff!

You can always find all active agreements on the FSN website, under Myself - My Business, then Agreements.

How to make an Agreement

Creating an agreement is as simple as filling out a template on the FSN website. The Agreement template looks like this:


To create an agreement, go to Myself - My Business - Agreements and follow the steps below:

  1. Select Type of Agreement. Select the option which best describes what sort of agreement you are making.
  2. Select who the agreement is with. Use the dropdown menu to select the other Farm in the agreement.
  3. Select the length of the agreement. Choose between 1-4 in-game years.
  4. Write the agreement.
  5. Click the “Submit Agreement” button. This sends the agreement to the other party for review.

How to Agree (or disagree) to an Agreement if someone sends you one

As you can probably guess, an Agreement in FSN is a two-sided arrangement. Your Agreement with another player is not valid unless they accept it as well. If somebody send you an agreement, the FSN website will notify you when you login as shown below:


Click the blue button, or go to Myself - My Business - Agreements and find the new agreement there. When you receive an agreement from another player, be sure you read it before you accept it! You have the option to Agree or Deny it. If you click Agree, the Agreement is now valid and enforceable. If you click Deny, the Agreement is not valid for either party.

How to cancel an existing Agreement

It is possible to cancel an Agreement before it expires. But remember, Agreements in FSN are two-sided arrangements, so both parties have to agree to cancel it. For example: if you suddenly want to cancel an agreement that you have, the other party may not want to cancel it also, so the agreement would remain valid for the duration of time specified. So, if you want to cancel an agreement with another player, you may need to offer a financial incentive (a buyout) to the other player to cancel an agreement early.

To cancel an Agreement:

  • Go to Myself - My Business - Agreements
  • Click “delete” for the agreement you wish to cancel.
  • The other party will be notified that you want to cancel the agreement. Remember, the other party is not required to cancel the agreement just because you want to. So if you are cancelling an agreement early, make sure you have discussed it with the other party first otherwise they may file a ticket to force you to honor the agreement you made.
  • Only once the other party has accepted the cancel request is the agreement cancelled. You are required to respect the agreement until this happens.

Additional Information on Agreements

Guidance on the length of agreements

Remember that in FSN, your agreements must have a reasonable timeframe. There is no option for an infinite, permanent, or, lifetime agreements! The limitations on maximum agreement length reflect the reality that for many FSN players, 4 in-game years (48 real days) is a significant length of time. Remember also that players can (and do) abruptly leave FSN. It is quite easy to renew an agreement after several in-game years (simply click the renew button), much easier than picking up the pieces if the person you have an agreement with abruptly leaves. Regularly having to renew your agreements after several in-game years is also useful because FSN features continue to evolve, so this also gives you the opportunity to assess and revise your agreements to better suit your evolving farm.

Guidance on writing the agreement itself

When writing an agreement, keep it simple. Create short, clear sentences. Especially if the two parties in the agreement are from different parts of the world, keeping the agreement concise helps prevent misunderstandings in the future. Using short and clear sentences also ensures that FSN staff can understand the agreement should there be a disagreement or violation with one of the parties. Specify who pays whom for what, and when payments must be made. If you are going to pay in installments or only when work is completed to your satisfaction, say so and list dates, times, and requirements.

Risks of not using Agreements

But I have DM’s with the other player which show what they agreed to! YOUR DM OR CHAT HISTORY DOESN’T MATTER. The FSN website’s agreement function, which allows both parties to “agree”, is the ONLY thing that will be considered by the staff in a disagreement between parties.