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Landing Page

This is the page you will see after you have successfully logged in.

Top Menu Line

  • On the top of the website, going from left to right, you will be able to immediately identify your User ID, including your username and your identifying number. This is followed by the name of your farm and its identifying number.
  • Next you will see the amount of money available in your web account and the amount of money in your “meta” account (identified with an “M”).
  • Next in the top row you will see any messages that have been sent to you via the website messaging system (not to be confused with anything you received in Discord).
  • The next identifier is the current season, remember that each season is 3-days, so you will see early, mid-, or late of the current season, and the current game year, consecutively numbered from the start of FSN.
  • Then you will see the actual date, today’s date, and the actual time, based on the time at the East Coast USA (think New York City time). East Coast USA time is almost always -5 hours from GMT.
  • Finally, you might see any ongoing contest information, depending on the season and the current games/contests going on in FSN.

Second Menu Line

  • The next set of information will the be the menu tabs you can use to find expanded information about your FSN account. These tabs are:
    • "Myself"
    • "Interactions"
    • "Finances"
    • "Data"
    • "Market"
    • Wiki
    • Support
    • Settings
  • The tabs listed with here with (“) quotation marks all have a pull-down menu that allows for more detailed information on your account. Each of these tabs are explained later in the article.
  • To the right of settings you typically see an icon with a number that represents any current game that is being played via the website. More on this to follow.

Main Area

Below the menu lists, you will see three separate boxes.

  • Left box
    • Here you will find your current standing in FSN, expressed as a level (like many games have) and your current XP, or Experience Points expressed as ### / ### with the second number indicating the points needed to your next level. As you gain levels in FSN you gain rewards. This is explained further under the “Myself” tab, in the “My Perks” section, described below.
    • Following along in the left box you will see the current version of FSN you are playing.
    • Under this is “Mod Downloads” where you can find the latest files that are being used for FSN, including map files and mods files.
    • Then you have a tab for “Donator Market” indicated by a small shop icon. This will take you to a page discussing the rewards/perks for financially supporting FSN.
    • Then you will find the “Calendar” tab with a small calendar icon. This displays a current schedule of ongoing activities for FSN.
  • Center box
    • Here you will see an ongoing slide show of announcements that is subject to change, but might include upcoming mods, upcoming ideas for the meta version of FSN, etc.
    • Below this is an activity bar showing the current percentage of donations to the donations needed to support FSN for the current month.
    • The next icon displays the ongoing research towards expanding functions in FSN.
    • This is followed by another shop icon with a link to the “Donator Market.”
  • Right box
    • The first item in the right box is the FSN Swear Jar. FSN is a PG-rated game, that rating applies to in-game, website, and Discord conversations. Inappropriate language cannot be tolerated, and the Swear Jar represents fines levied against players how act inappropriately as determined by senior management. The rating of PG is based on USA movie content, in your country that might be a movie rating of 12 or B, but it can be a rating as young as 7. (Think of a family Sunday dinner with your grandparents and avoid using foul language that would offend them.)
    • The next icon is the DC Raffle.
    • The third icon is to submit a support ticket, this is when you need to send in a request for help on your account or on your farm. The next button under this row allows you to suggest a mod for including into FSN.
    • Finally, there is an icon button that allows you to apply to join a position on the FSN staff.


My Business

This is where you manage your farm company. For more information, see the My Business article (coming soon).

My Perks

This is your Perks area. You can find the list of your current perks, as well as Daily Awards and Level Awards. For details on how to use the various perks, see Markets and Currencies.

NPC Equipment Purchase

This feature allows you to purchase equipment in game. If you purchase equipment while you are in your server, you must come back to this spot and register your equipment using this feature.

  • To purchase equipment, you must fill out this form, so that the site can track your equipment. Please ensure everything is filled out completely and properly.
  • If you are a Farm Manager and buy equipment on your home server, you can go to the server in game and purchase your equipment after this form has been filled out.
  • If you are a contractor, or a farm NOT buying on your HOME SERVER, you must wait for delivery, which will be shown in your equipment page.
  • You can verify proper registration by going to “My Business” then “Equipment” and finding your new piece of equipment with a UID assigned.

Equipment Xfer

This is where you transfer vehicles and equipment between servers. For details on how to use this feature, see Vehicle Transfers.

My Profile

Here you can view and customize your FSN profile with information about yourself, and see what types of accomplishments you have completed.

  • In the left column you should be able to see your farm logo if you uploaded it successfully in the Settings menu.
  • In the center column you will see your username and a flag representing your location. Next to this you will see whatever donor pack logo you choose to display (if you have one).
  • In the center you will find clickable names to find more information about each item.
    • Profile Home: Brings you back to your main profile page.
    • Collectibles: Display any of the various items you have collected from the many collections that are part of the donor packs.
    • Achievements: Various milestones you have achieved, for example: The Voter, tiered after how many mods you have voted for in the bale store.
    • Trophies: Displays any trophies you have collected, e.g. through seasonal drives and arrangements.
    • Statistics: This is where you can see any field work you have registered through My Business, as well as various other statistics (WIP).
    • Hunting/Fishing: The largest type of each fish you have caught.
  • Below this, you can read any comments people have left on your profile, as well as a selection of your activated collectibles.


This is a complete list of items you have received but not activated. You can sell the item on the Player Market, trade-in the item for XP, or click on the item to activate it.

  • Almost all items you buy in the Player Market, Bale Store or anywhere else first goes to your inventory, where you need to activate it if you want to use it. This is also the case for donator perks.



In this section you can search for a player by the player name or by the company name, and visit their profile. Maybe leave a nice comment for someone who did a good job? That will always be appreciated!

Auction House

Here you can bid on land as well as equipment that has been posted for auction and can also post your land and equipment for auction. For more information see Auctions.

Contract Center

Here contracts are offered from Mayors and Farm Managers to other players. For more detailed information see Contract Center.


A dealership is a player owned business where you can buy and trade in equipment. For more detailed information see Dealerships.

Land Leasing

Here is the real estate leasing market. You can see what is available and through whom. If you see land you would like, please PM the real estate agent and see if you can come to an agreement!

  • You can find information about the server number, field number, acreage, the broker who is leasing the property, and the status if the field is available for lease or how long remains on the current lease.

Investment Center

This is where you would go for any investment type of opportunities.

  • Bonds: Here you can purchase bonds. Keep in mind, any money invested in these remain until the end of the bond length that you have chosen. At the end, the bond is automatically paid out and credited to your web account.
    • Bond amount: Choose the amount you’d like to invest.
    • Bond Length: Choose the length of time you’d like the bond to mature.
    • Acquire a new bond button: Click this to submit and purchase the bond.
    • Note: The money you invest are locked in place for the full duration of the bond you chose, and can not be accessed until the bond has matured. Once it does, the money is automatically returned to your web account.
  • Stocks: Here you can invest in stocks that constantly move and change. You can buy or sell stocks at any time. Also see Stock Market.
  • Charities: At FSN we like to encourage our players to play in ways beyond just plowing and planting. Charities are a great way to show yourself a farmer who gives back, so give some of your virtual bux to virtual help! On top of that, it can grant you a spot on a charitable leaderboard, achievements, and even tax cuts!


This is where you run your logistics operation. For further information, see Logistics (coming soon).


This is the production and factory area. Here you can manage your current factories or create new ones. For more detailed information see Factories.

Competition Center

Lists current competitions, including Tough Clucker and Better Barns & Bargains Farm Fashion! Refer to the Discord channel #event-updates to see the current events and their different rules.

Permit Center

This is where you will purchase permits and renew them, as necessary. See Permit Center for details.

Gaming Center

Lottos, Roulette, Fishing Trip, and Grid Raffle.

  • Lotto Center: The Lottery Section is currently inactive and under construction

Roulette: In the Bet Type you can choose on which set of odds you would like to make your bet; red or black / odd or even / or specific numbers. Click on Play Roulette to see the results of your bet. Fishing Trip: Is the newest game for FSN members. <place holder for fishing> Grid Raffle: The Grid Raffle is currently inactive and under construction



  • Accounting: Here you can see an overview of your entire financial situation.

Funds Transfer







Server Farms


Land Deeds

Forecast Data