Vehicle Transfers

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What are they?

Vehicle transfers are a method to get your vehicle moved from one server to another. This can be used for farms to move equipment from one operation to another when running multi server operations.

How do you request a vehicle transfer?

To do a vehicle transfer from the FSN website, go to Myself > Equipment Transfers, select the equipment you want to transfer, then the server you want to send it to. A vehicle transfer costs $3,500 and take between 24-72 hours for delivery.

Additional information

  • Before filling out the transfer request on website, the vehicle should be parked at the store lot.
  • You cannot use the vehicle once you've requested a transfer.
  • Staff will remove the vehicle from the start map and spawn at the transfer map.
  • You are only allowed to send it to your own farm. If you send it to a server where you don’t have a farm slot, the vehicle will be placed under Contractor Farm on that server.
  • There is a maximum of 7 transfers per in game year.
  • NOTE: When you transfer a vehicle or a piece of equipment, only the GPS and engine configurations will carry over. All other configurations will return to stock, and will have to be replaced at your own expense. Keep this in mind when you decide whether it is worth transferring the equipment.


Please be mindful that vehicle transfers do require a decent amount of work from staff. Only transfer when you need to, and be patient for them to complete your request. Thank you for understanding!