Vehicle Transfers

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What are they?

Vehicle transfers are a method to get your vehicle moved from one server to another. This can be used for farms to move equipment from one operation to another, contractors to do work on different maps at different times, equipment sales or potentially leasing to another farm for a prolonged period of time.

How does it work?

To do a vehicle transfer, go to Myself > Equipment Transfers, and select the equipment, server you want to send it to, and the farm you want it to go to. If it's staying in your farm (Or contractor farm if not your home map/you are a contractor), make sure you select no change needed. In general vehicle transfers are handled in under 72 hours.


  • You cannot use the vehicle once you've requested a transfer.
  • The vehicle should be parked at the store lot.
  • Staff will remove the vehicle from the start map and spawn at the transfer map.
  • If it is a farm on the same map you are transferring to, you still need to put a transfer request in.
  • If you are leasing a vehicle to another farm on another server (requiring a transfer), you will need an agreement showing this.


Please be mindful that vehicle transfers do require a decent amount of work from staff. Only transfer when you need to, and be patient for them to complete your request. We MAY in the future disallow cross-server leasing from farm to farm, and only allow player dealerships to provide multi-server leasing (To prevent an extra abundance of removing and adding vehicles. With a player dealership, we will only have to spawn the vehicle.). Thank you for understanding!