Vacation Mode or Leaving FSN

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Vacation Mode

When you want to take a break or have a planned or unplanned vacation or leave from FSN you can activate the Vacation mode that you can find in the Settings page on the FSN page.

The Vacation mode will lock your account in to status. All payments that are due while you are on Vacation will be put on hold, and once you return, it will all come due in bulk. It costs 3 gold bales per week to have the vacation mode activated. If you run out of bales a staff member will contact you for a firm return date.

Note that Vacation mode does not preserve your in game farm slot(s). You will still have to farm at least some part of your land once within three in game years, or your farm will be marked as inactive and removed to allow for new FMs on the server.


Leaving FSN

If you decide that FSN is not for you in any way, you can leave anytime you want.

If you have decided to leave, submit a ticket saying that you want to leave FSN. The staff will start the process of liquidating your server resources on the game servers and moving all the money from it to your FSN web account. When all the in game assets are sold and your web account has been reimbursed, your farm slot is removed, allowing for new FMs to join the server. From there you can just log out and leave the account as it is. Should you later regret your choice, you can still come back as your account will still be in the system, but your land and equipment will not.

Don't forget to give us a friendly goodbye in the discord when you leave.

From all us in the FSN Staff “Enjoy life and stay safe”