Stock Market

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Stock Market

Are you the gambling type? Become the Wolf of Wall Street and get trading some stocks. Head to the Stocks in the Investment Center and have a scroll through the stocks available to purchase. Next to each business you will see the current price with how much it has increased or decreased in the last 24 hours. Stock prices update every 3 hours. Click on a business and it’ll take you to the stocks page. Here you can see the current price, the number of available shares, the highs and lows of the past year and a recent history of purchases and selloffs. To buy shares simply click the dropdown and select the quantity you wish to buy and Purchase Shares.

Purchased shares will be available to view in your Accounting area. To sell, simply come back to the stock page or click on it through the Accounting page, select how many shares you wish to sell and select Sell Shares. When viewing the shares through the Accounting page you can see how much profit/loss you’ve made on it.

Note: If you want to play the stock market you need to have money in META.

Note: There is a 0.5% broker fee added to the stock price when you buy stocks.

FSN Tips

• Start small.

• Only put in what you can afford.

• Buy low, sell high.

• Don't sell on a dip, be patient and wait for a rise... but sell if you must!

• Don’t howl too loudly when you hit it big!