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Welcome Letter

Hello Pre Whitelisting Family!

Kernels here, your local mayor on Server 31 Medicine Quest. I hope you all are enjoying your pre-whitelisting time just as I did. I'm relatively new to the FSN community and just wanted to give you all a view of my experience so far. First of all this community is 100% worth waiting for, I know some in here can get discouraged from time to time but focus on enjoying your time here, relax, and have fun! When I look back at my time in #whitelist-waiting chat it was exactly that, fun! FSN is everything I expected and more. The staff cannot get enough praise, Tru and his crew do an outstanding job of letting the right people in. The operations/assets crew keep everything running like clockwork. The man himself, Hans, works like a madman to make sure new and exciting things are always coming to the members. It is absolutely the best gaming community I've ever been apart of. So, I guess my point is enjoy you're time here. You ARE part of the community right now and soon will be able to join us all on the farm. Try not to focus on "when will I be in" and instead enjoy the company of your future neighbors or maybe competitors.

Don’t focus on the “when” focus on the “why”. When doesn’t matter. If it did and everyone got whitelisted after 30 days that’s a waiting period not a whitelist. To me FSN seems like a delicate system and it would only take a few bad apples to create chaos. Instead, let’s focus on the why. What’s the first question you were asked? “Why FSN?” I’ll take that further. WHY would I be a great fit for the community. WHY am I the right choice over others. WHY am I able to contribute (give back) to make FSN better. So, instead of focusing on “when will I be whitelisted”. Focus on “why will I be whitelisted”. See you all soon.

Regarding your time committment once you are whitelist: So I’m a farmer as a career and the current season is obviously very demanding of my time. That was a worry of mine when joining fsn. Yesterday I was planting corn IRL and had soybeans that were ready to harvest in FSN. I couldn’t get it done. What did happen is friends of mine harvested my field while I was at work. These are people I didn’t even know I existed 2 months ago and now they are helping me out in ways that I could never imagine. I met them all right here, in pre whitelist. As I said you all ARE part of the community, even in here. Take advantage of this time, build friendships. This is what FSN is about. Although the competition against fellow farmers can be fun, it’s about the friendships that are built through something as simple as a website and video game.

Enjoy @KernelsofCorn

Guide for Pre-Whitelisters for the Farm Sim Network

The following is to help guide you on your journey into Farming Simulator Network (FSN). Many have walked the path before you, and have had the same questions that you have. This material is designed to help you succeed at whitelisting into FSN.

Three basic first steps:

  1. Most importantly, read the discord channel FSN Official/ #read-here, and do as it says.
  2. Read the discord channel FSN Official/ #newcomer-news
  3. Read the pinned posts in FSN Official/ #whitelist-waiting

Still have an unanswered question? See the below which addresses Pre-Whitelist Frequently Asked Questions. These words of wisdom come from many FSN staff and players, and are proven to be effective.

How long does it take to get white listed?

  • Your pre-whitelist time with FSN depends on many factors. The MOST IMPORTANT are your interaction with the pre-whitelisting website, your activity and interaction in discord and the way you present yourself.
  • Do these important things and your time will be shorter, don't do them and it will be longer. FSN also offers events in the discord that will expedite the process, but this should not be your plan for getting into FSN.

But I don't have time to sit in Discord all day! How can you expect me to spend all my time here?

  • The whitelist waiting area is NOT meant to be a waiting room based only on a timer or number of hours and days. FSN does not expect you to sit here for hours on end, but we expect you to participate when you can. A short time spent in Discord having meaningful conversation with other players will work far better than being online in Discord 24/7 waiting to be handed a prize. Remember that on-boarding staff can (and will) look into your earlier activity, so your chances of being whitelisted don’t depend on you being online at the same time as staff.
  • Seriously, we're not asking you to spend an hour or more of your day paying homage to FSN in a waiting room. You can still do literally everything else you did in a day. You can take the 5-10 minutes a day to check in on discord and do your dailies.

What's wrong with my discord name?

  • Nothing, but your discord nickname in FSN Official should match your FSN username so FSN staff can look you up. Please use the format: “FSN Username (Farm Name)”.

What if I don't know my FSN username?

  • If you are brand new and haven't yet chosen your farm name, spend some time thinking of a good one. You will be asked for it in your daily tasks on the website very soon.

How will staff notify me of an interview for whitelisting?

  • Whitelisting is a "must be present to win" activity. You will not receive an email, you must be present on Discord to be interviewed and considered for whitelisting. If you are not online at the exact moment staff is ready to arrange your interview, they will send you a DM in Discord. With that, be sure you can be Direct Messaged in Discord as well, or else it could be difficult for FSN Onboarding staff to reach out to you.
  • When an onboarding team member reaches out to you, please don't proceed to DM every other onboarding member if the person reaching out doesn't respond in the time frame you think they should. Please be patient they will get back with you. We are volunteers and don't sit here 24/7 and do have real life outside of here as well. Thanks Guys!

I'm on Day “X” and I'm not whitelisted yet?

Don't focus on how long you have been waiting, focus on what steps you may have missed and how to make up for it. Check back to the #read-here, and #newcomer-news, look at the pinned messages in #whitelist-waiting. You may have missed an essential step.

  • Have you completed all the essential steps? Hint: Name (Farm Name)
  • Have you been logging in everyday to the website and doing your tasks?
  • Have you managed to find your way into this discord channel?

If you answered yes to all of the above, please take a moment to log into your account. If you haven't provided us with a proper discord username, there will be a form asking for it again. We'd love to bring some of you in, but we simply can't find you to be able to do so, so help us help you! If you see the form when you login, please fill it in with your Discord username in it's entirety which is located by hovering over your profile icon in the bottom left. For example, AwesomeFarmer#1234

If I have another question, where do I ask it?

FSN discord, Whitelist-Waiting channel. Do not DM Staff or @ staff. Please be polite.

Can I start a server or do Multiplayer with other people in this channel while I am waiting? I have a cool server and want people to join it!

This is not a place where you come and recruit people for your own servers. You are of course more than welcome to do multiplayer with others while waiting for FSN, or even at the same time as you do FSN, but if you have a Discord / Farming Simulator server, please don't post anything about it here or anywhere inside this Discord server. The FSN discord is for FSN, and we ask for you to respect the community and all the people in it.

Additional Information

  • The staff are always watching. Do not DM or ping / @ them in discord.
  • Colors of names in Discord:
    • Red = Developer
    • Orange = senior staff member / staff manager
    • Cyan = Onboarding staff member
    • Green = Operations staff member
    • Pink = Events staff member
    • Purple = Assets staff member
    • Navy Blue = Word Warden
    • Dark Green = Mayor
    • Yellow = Farm Manager
    • Blue = Contractor
  • If you see someone else on discord asking questions, be polite, help if you know the answer, do not answer questions you are unsure of, and don't throw the rule book at them. We were all new once.
  • We all have different opinions, likes, dislikes, political views, and beliefs if someone does not agree with you, that's ok, we're all different people. The diversity of people is what makes FSN so unique.
  • If a member is stepping out of line in chat be polite and try to resolve it but don't get into a fight with them over it. Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. If the person does not stop the abusive behaviour please contact a staff member / word warden.
  • Listen to the FSN Staff! They are there to help you.

Welcome to FSN! We look forward to meeting you in the servers!