Player Companies

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Alba Finace

  • Owner: FinnKD (Scot Farms/Alba Finance)

Corn Hub Financial

  • Owner: jgonzales394 (Corn Hub Farms)

Flying Pig Bank

  • Owner: idrewt (Flying Pig/Coopers Rnch)

Old Town Bank

  • Owner: Stryzack (Swift Farms)

RK International Bank

  • Owner: Maniac(RK Farms Inc)

Sly Banking Corporation

  • Owner: SlyRebirth (Sly Agricultural)

Swedish Agro Bank

  • Owner: Nico (Swedish Agro)


12Pk Farm Equipment

  • Owner: MechMan (12PK Farms and Equip)

Bott Equipment, Inc.

  • Owner: bott287 (Bott Farms Inc)

Broke Down Equipment Inc

  • Owner: Ian M (Broke Down Farms/Equip)

Casey Farm Equipment

  • Owner: DrewCasey24 (CFE/Casey Farms)

Damage INC

  • Owner: Brian Damage (Damage Inc.)

Discovery Equipment

  • Owner: Discoveryvideo (Landers Acres)

Down Deere and Holland

  • Owner: LeprechaunDown (Down Group/DDHE)

Farmer Zone

  • Owner: Knucklehead [RMB Holdings]

Honeybee Agriculture

  • Owner: Shamisen (Seed To Snout Ltd)

Imperial Equipment

  • Owner: Jay “Sheriff” (Imperial Holding)

McStuffins Equipment

  • Owner: Q. McStuffins (McStuffins Farms)

Outlaw Equipment

  • Owner: Outlaw(outlaw farms)

Scandinavian Farm Equipment

  • Owner: El Papi (Scandinavian A&F)

Shady's Farm Equipment

  • Owner: shady95 (shady oak enterprise)

Southwest Equipment

  • Owner: Shotgn (JNC Enterprises)

Stubby Equipment

  • Owner: StubbornDisciple(StubbornMeadow)

Swedish Agro

  • Owner: Nico (Swedish Agro)

Tennessee Valley Equipment Sales

  • Owner: pnknfmr (River Bottom Farms)

Insurance Agencies


  • Owner: Shamisen (Seed To Snout Ltd)

B&B Insurance

  • Owner: Phittty58 (B&B Farms)

FireBird Protection

  • Owner: Pheonix3081 (Pheonix Holdings)

Upcoming insurance agency: Justice Business Network

  • Owner: Justice.P (Justice Farms)

Out of business: Happy Insurance

Out of business: Swift Insurance Group

Out of business: Save Your Agg!

Real Estate Brokers

Corn Hub Real Estate

  • Owner: jgonzales394 (Corn Hub Farms)

Free Range Real Estate

  • Owner: Joe TST | Free Range Real Estate

Summit Real Estate Advisory Services

  • Owner: Jopor (Meadowlark Farms)

Western Ag. Incorporated

  • Owner: bicky707(Western Ag Inc)