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General information

  • The permit center is where you find all the permits and licenses needed to perform your daily tasks in FSN. You can find the permit center on the website under Interactions -> Permit Center.
  • Permits are personal, and both FMs and contractors are required to have any permits needed for the task they are performing. This includes work in the training servers.
  • Many permits are only valid for a set period of time. If you are found to perform work that requires permits with an expired permit, you will be fined as if you have no permit at all.
  • Permits can be extended at a discount before they expire. If you let your permit expire, you need to rebuy it at full price.
  • Note that you can stack your permits. E.g. if you have a permit that lasts 15 days, you can extend it three times to add another 45 days before it expires.


  • All animal permits apply for a single pen with any animals in it. If you have two pens with 10 animals in each, you need two permits. If you have one pen with 20 animals in it, and one empty pen, you only need one permit.
  • Animal permits last for 15 days.

Cow Permit


This permit is for filling up a cow pen with cows.

Swine Permit


This permit is for filling up a pig pen with pigs.

Horse Permit


This permit is for filling up a horse paddock with horses.

Sheep Permit


This permit is for filling up a sheep pen with sheep.

Logging permits


  • Logging permits, or tree permits, are required for each tree you cut down. If a tree is cut by a contractor or a hired logging company, the tree permits can be handled by either the person cutting the tree or the owner of the tree, but there needs to be a tree permit logged for each tree cut.
  • You need to have an unused tree permit on hand before you cut a tree.
  • Once you have cut a tree, you need to fill it into the appropriate tree permit and click “Mark Trees Cut”. You can do this in bulk as long as you are actively cutting trees, but it must be done as soon as you finish cutting trees, or AT LEAST once every 24 hours.

Sapling Cut Permit


  • For trees of any size that have been planted. Also includes buying a parcel off a player and cutting the trees they have planted.
-1 tree – 1,000
-10 trees – 10,000
-100 trees – 100,000

Existing Tree Cut Permit


  • For trees that came with the map originally.
-1 tree – 750
-10 trees – 7,500
-100 trees – 75,000

Property permits

Building Permits

Building permits are no longer required, and will be replaced by a new system at a later date (TBA).

Wildlife Rehab Permits


  • Under development. More info to come.

Skilled Trade Permits

Applicator License


  • Applicator license is required for spraying herbicide. You also must have this permit if you own any equipment capable of applying herbicide (even if you are not using it for herbicide). Any liquid fertilizer sprayer or planter that can take herbicide will fall under needing this permit. This permit lasts 15 days.

CDL License


  • CDL is required when operating any semi or when using a dolly to pull a semitrailer. You also must have this permit if you own a semi or a dolly. This permit lasts for 15 days.

Horse Trainer


  • Horse Trainer permit is required to train horses in game. This permit lasts for 15 days.

Licensed Timber Operator


  • Licensed Timber Operator (LTO) is required when conducting logging operation “larger than personal service”. ANY logging operations, whether it is 1 tree or 1,000 trees, is defined as being larger than personal service in FSN. You also must have this permit if you own any logging equipment (does not include the chainsaw).
  • If you are a contractor working for someone cutting trees on a one time contract from the contract center, and the person you are working for has the LTO, you don’t need one, as he is the one conducting the operation. However, if someone else hires you to take care of a forest or a few trees (or even one tree), and he does not have an LTO, you are the one conducting the operation, and you need the LTO.
  • Also needed is the appropriate logging permit for the number of trees you are going to cut. Permit is good for 15 days.

Greenhouse Permit


  • A greenhouse permit is required to have and run greenhouses on your farm. Permit is good for 15 days.
  • One permit is required for any farm that has greenhouses on any server. Only one permit is needed regardless of the number of greenhouses the farm has.
  • No more than 6 greenhouses is allowed per farm.
  • Farmers who have more than one FM slot (e.g. mayors) can have up to 6 greenhouses on each server.