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What is a Mayor?

A Mayor is the Farm Manager that is sponsoring the map. They have an increased role beyond that of the other Farm Managers on that map.

A mayor is:

  • Responsible for being the “eyes and ears” to keep the FSN staff informed of happenings on the map.
  • Responsible for issuing contracts for winter snow removal and the plowing of fields before they are sold at auction or before new FMs move in.
  • A Farm Manager (FM), running their farm just like they would if they were FM on any other map.
  • An experienced FSN player that can help answer questions and keep things on their map running smoothly. This includes requesting additional player slots if the server is consistently full, interacting with the Server Stability or Operations team to resolve performance issues, and of course being an all-around good person in the FSN community.
  • An experienced FSN player that helps the onboarding team keep an eye on Pre-Whitelist chat as well as interacting with people waiting in pre-whitelist.

In a community of wonderful players, it is easy to always have wonderful mayors on all the maps! So as much as it would be nice to only list the positive things that a Mayor is, it is also needed to point out what a mayor is not to prevent any misconceptions if you have not entered the community yet.

A mayor is not:

  • Able to circumvent or ignore the expectations and guidelines for FSN gameplay.
  • The owner or “in charge” of the map. Being Mayor does not mean you get to diverge from FSN policies, rules, or overall direction. Although the mayor is making a monthly donation to keep the map hosted and online, all of the FSN maps are owned and operated by “FSN” and not the individual map sponsor.
  • “The Boss” of the other FMs on the map.

How do you become a Mayor?

To become a Mayor, you need to sponsor a new map or take over the sponsorship of an existing map. Please note that sponsoring a map (new or existing) requires signing up to make a recurring donation to keep your sponsorship active.

Pro Tip for new FSN Players: Hans normally announces if an existing map needs a new sponsor, or existing FMs on a map will arrange to smoothly take over if the current sponsor of a map decides to step down. DO NOT start bothering the mayors asking if they will let you take over their sponsorship.

What is the difference between Mayor activities and Farm Manager activities?

As mentioned, a Mayor on a map is also one of the Farm Managers on that map. The Mayor’s farm runs just like it would on any other map, and as a Farm Manager the Mayor simply plays the game as they normally would either in-world or on the FSN website. But the Mayor is also responsible for activities like plowing FSN fields on the map in preparation for field auctions etc. In this role, they will use their mayor account to issue contracts to get tasks done on their map.

  • In-game, the Mayor’s Farm Slot will be titled with *MS* before the farm name. (Example: “*MS* Firefly Farms”).
  • On the FSN website, the Mayor will have their normal FSN account, as well as a Mayor account. It is important to remember to switch between them depending on what you are doing. For example, you do not want to pay for a DOT snowplow contract using your farm’s bank account. Similarly, you do not want to purchase land at auction for you farm using the map’s Mayor account.


Justine (Butterfly Farms) is the Mayor of the Lone Oak map.

In-game, Justine (Butterfly Farms) has her FM slot, and stays in her farm so as not to lose FM rights. She operates her farm (and money) in-game as she normally would as a FM.

On the FSN website, Justine manages her farm’s business using the Butterfly Farms account. She buys land at auction, sells crops on GM, and creates contracts for contractors to help with the harvest. For Mayor tasks, Justine will switch to her Mayor account. When using her mayor account, she is able to post contracts as “Lone Oak Server Committee” to have field 10 plowed prior to a new FM taking ownership of it, or needs someone to snowplow the roads or sell-points. These server committee contracts are then paid out of the map’s mayor funds and not by Butterfly Farms.

It may be useful to think of the Mayor (and the Mayor’s account) as a town committee, township, or local municipality which uses public funds to pay for road maintenance or other community services.

Frequently asked questions on being a Mayor

I am sponsoring a new map; how do I get my Mayor account?

To get your mayor account, please submit a ticket AFTER your server has went live and you have been placed on there as a FM with your farm. It will be processed in 24-48 hours.

I got my Mayor account on the website, now what?

The mayor account is a separate account from your farm business account that you would use as FM. Once you have it, you access it via the settings menu and “company override” on the FSN website.

As Mayor, you start with $500K in the mayor account for you to use for field-plowing and snow-plowing contracts. DO NOT USE THIS FOR YOUR PERSONAL FARM BUSINESS. The FSN Team provides the large tractor, plow, and DOT trucks for the map. The Mayor does not buy these themselves.

What happens if I run out of money in my Mayor account?

Depending on how long you have been Mayor, it is possible that the first thing you’ll need to do is explain to Hans how you spent $500K on seasonal snow removal and the infrequent plowing of the map’s fields! It is not likely that you could legitimately spend so much money hiring players to do that work within 20-30 in-game years! However, as FSN marches forward through the years, the FSN team will replenish the mayor account as needed.

What can I do if my server is frequently full, and I would like more player slots?

Player slot upgrades require both player tickets and data from the server showing the slots have capped out more than a couple times in a given game year. If this is validated, it will be put in the queue for the next maintenance. Upgrades are done at maintenance because many times a server may need to be moved to a different "Box" that has the hardware to support more slots and therefore more CPU/RAM needs. Many times, this means the server could go down for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. We try to not do this during the normal gameplay cycle, and only on scheduled maintenance days. Thanks for your understanding and patience in advance!

Additional Info for Mayors

  1. DOT trucks can be used for all plowing contracts for public land (roads, sellpoints, customs etc).
  2. Mayors get to have a farm SLOT on any map they sponsor, + 1 additional farm slot on a map they do not sponsor.
  3. Mayors get 1 Home Parcel, no matter how many servers they sponsor.
    This is important from a tax standpoint, as well as to understand that you must buy all land that isn't your Home Parcel!
  4. If a mayor wishes to pick a new home parcel, they can do so IF they are sponsoring a new server, and IF they sell their old home parcel back to NPC.
    Example: If you start as Farm Manager on Server #40, your Home Parcel is on Server #40. If you then sponsor Server #1000, you can move your Home Parcel to Server #1000 and sell the Home Parcel on server #40 back to NPC, or you can keep your home on Server #40 and simply buy one new piece of land on Server #1000 to start your operations there.
  5. There is no limit on the price of the new parcel, but the mayor must pay for it out of pocket.
    If you started as FM on a different map, you had a 525K limit on the price of your first parcel on that map. As the Mayor, you can choose to buy a starting plot for 1M+ if you choose. But you buy it! (there is no 500K grant like when you started as FM.)
    If you are not already a FM and are becoming the mayor of the map you are sponsoring, you are able to pick any starting parcel with no price limit, but your starting FM grant is still only 500K.
  6. If you are moving your home parcel from one server to a server where you are the server sponsor / mayor, the normal moving fee of 10% of your total NAV does not apply.

Important concepts: What is the difference between farm slots, player slots, land plots?

  • A "Farm Slot" is your pretty farm color (you are one of the six farms on the map).
  • A “Player Slot” is the number of people that can be on the map at once (some busy maps support 16 players, smaller or less popular ones may only offer 4 or 8 player slots).
  • A "Plot" or “Parcel” is the plot of land. You may own many plots of land, but ONLY ONE can be your home parcel!