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FSN currencies

There are several different currencies, coins and tokens used in FSN. Your money (Web and Meta) that is not stored in a bank account, bonds, stocks etc. are shown at the top of the main page. To see your other coins and tokens, go to Myself - My Perks.

Web bux

This money is used for anything tied to in game economy, e.g. pay contracts, taxes, buy equipment / land etc.

Meta bux

This money is used for anything tied to the meta portion of FSN, e.g. buy stocks, logistics, factories, RE and more. Note that since RE is part of meta, if you choose to send in game porducts to warehouse and sell manually through RE, you will be paid in Meta bux.

Ingame money

This is the money you have on your farm in game when you are an FM. For tax and NAV purposes, farm audits are done regularly to garther information about your in game money. The result of your latest audit can be seen on the website under Finances – Accounting as “IG Cash”. If you feel that this sum is grossly inaccurate, and want to have it adjusted before the next tax calculation, you can buy an on demand audit in Bales Barn & Beyond.

Golden bales

You get these from donations and daily login / level rewards (Myself – My Perks). They can be used in the Bales Barns & Beyond to buy backgrounds, site perks, vote on mods and more.

Squirrel bux

This is a currency you get for every donation, and can be used in the reward shop to buy site perks. More stuff will be added to the reward shop in the future, including real life swag.

Research token

These tokens are also earned through donations, and can be used in the research shop. You can add these tokens to different planned features. The features with the most tokens get priority to code.

Fun token

This token will open a “box of fun”! The gift in the box can be anything from a shirt to a title to meta land etc. You can get these tokens through special donation drives or events.


Bales Barn & Beyond

Commonly called the bale store / bale shop, this is a market where you can buy items with golden bales. The items you can spend your bales on are split into various categories:

  • Site Perks: Horse vouchers, on-demand audits, marketing bots, prize boxes and more.
  • Collectibles: Monthly packs, normally contains a seasonal collectible, a badge, some site perks and some XP.
  • Backgrounds: Personalise your FSN website with a variety of backgrounds. Some are regulars in the market, others are season specific or even special ocation backgrounds only available for a short amount of time. You can activate the background of your choice under Settings, or sell them on the Player Market.
  • Espionage & Saves: breakdown save (not implemented yet) and chaos eggs.
  • Mod Voting: Vote for mods you want to see implemented in FSN. The mods with the most votes are listed first. Every month or so, the mods with the most votes are taken in for testing, where they will be assessed for any bugs or issues, as well as to whether they are a fit for the FSN economy. If they pass the test, they will be implemented to FSN. ‘’NOTE:’’ You do not buy vehicles or equipment in Bales Barn & Beyond. You only put bales towards voting for them to become a part of the FSN lineup in the future.
  • New Arrivals: As the name implies, this is a collection of all items recently added to the bale store. This most commonly includes limited edition backgrounds, the monthly collectible pack and newly added mods for voting. Mods found under New Arrivals are sorted by latest added, not top votes.

Reward Shop

This is the Squirrel Store. Spend your squirrel bux on site perks and other fun stuff!

Player Market

Here you can sell your items to other players. You can sell backgrounds, site perks, donor packs, collectibles and more. To place an item on the player market, go to Myself – Inventory, find the item you want to sell, enter your price and press ‘sell on player market’. If the item sells, the money goes automatically into your web account. You can see in your ledger who bought it. Note that you pay a $100 fee to place an item for sale, and if it doesn’t sell within 7 days, it will be taken off the market and returned to your inventory with no refund of the fee, so make sure you put it up at a reasonable price to increase the chances of it selling.

World Market

Here you can buy items for the meta part of FSN. This includes everything you need for horses, as well as for logistics. Plenty of new and exciting stuff will appear in the world market as the FSN meta world expands.

Research Shop

Here you can use your reasearch tokens to vote on the features you want to see coded in FSN. Each token vote adds to the total percentage for the feature you vote for. Note that the features that are in the earlier stages (PRE-1 etc) get a higher added percentage for each token vote than features that are in later stages (V2, V3 etc).