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Welcome to the Farm Simulator Network (FSN) Wiki

Welcome to the Farm Simulator Network (FSN) Wiki! Participating in FSN means that you are part of a community with in-game, meta-game, and Discord based activities. The FSN Wiki is the place where you can find the rules and regulations established by the community as well as useful tutorials or explanations for in-game or meta-game features unique to FSN. Most importantly, the FSN Wiki provides you with guidance for playing FSN “in the spirit of the game”, which is the cornerstone upon which the community builds and thrives.

The FSN Wiki is not intended to have answers or a rule for every single possible situation in-game. Do not interpret this to mean that “gray areas” or loopholes are encouraged or can be exploited. The purpose to not having a rule or a procedure for every single situation is to ensure that FSN Players have realistic latitude to be creative (but realistic) with their problem solving and farming business decisions, which ensures a fair and enjoyable game for all participants.

In addition to the FSN Wiki, additional sources of knowledge for FSN topics include the #announcements, #site-updates and #server-updates, as well as the #questions channels in the FSN Discord. Material is frequently being added or improved as the FSN Devs continue to work on FSN itself! So while the Wiki is being worked on and updated continuously, errors and discrepancies may occur.

Please enjoy the FSN Wiki!

Rules and regulations

These are the official rules and regulations of FSN. Articles found here are mandatory reading. All new members must read through these articles before they join the FSN servers (tip: Read these while downloading the FSN mods!), and old members are required to stay up to date whenever updates to these articles are announced.

Guidelines & Expected Behaviors

Guides and information

These are informational articles and guides on various topics relevant for FSN. While not mandatory to read, they may offer knowledge and insight into how stuff works, and checking for answers here may save you from asking in the #questions channel only to be directed to the wiki. New articles will be added here as they are updated or produced.

Contract Center
Farm Manager Application
How-To Registration
Lease Vouchers
Markets and Currencies
Mods and Maps List
Permit Center
Player Companies
Pre-Whitelisters Guide
Stock Market
Support Ticket System
Training & Contractor Servers
Vacation Mode or Leaving FSN
Vehicle Transfers
Website Walkthrough (WIP)


Coming soon!

Old articles

These are old articles that haven't been updated or revised for some time. Most of the info is still valid and useful, so please use them to look up how things work on their respective topics. Just be aware that there will be a higher amount of discrepancies than in the newer articles, and some information may be outdated. As articles are updated, they will be moved to the appropriate category above.

Donator Club
Downloading and Installing Mods
Global Market
Incentive Programs