Lease Vouchers

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Lease Vouchers

What is a lease voucher?

  • Lease vouchers can be used to rent equipment for three days, without incurring the daily and hourly charges which occur when leasing from the NPC store. Lease vouchers come in two types:
- Lease Voucher (Red) – Use equipment up to $100,000 purchase cost for 3 days.
- Premium Lease Voucher (Gold) – Use equipment up to $525,000 purchase cost for 3 days.
  • Each lease voucher is for only one (1) piece of equipment. So, for harvesters, you’d have to lease the header separately. Similarly, you cannot use one voucher for a tractor equipped with a plow, even if the combined price was less than that allowed by the voucher.
  • Up to 4 lease vouchers within a 10-day period are allowed to be used, then you will not be able to submit a lease voucher until you're within the threshold again.

How to use lease vouchers

  1. On the FSN website, go to Myself - Inventory and find your lease voucher
  2. Use the top dropdown menu to select the equipment you want to lease, and the second dropdown menu to specify which server you want it delivered to.
  3. Once activated, staff will receive the request and place the item at the store, in the contractor farm.
  4. Your lease will end 72 hours (3 days) after delivery, at which point staff will come to remove the equipment (you do not need to clean, repair, or refuel). Please note that the staff will come to take the leased equipment regardless of whether you are still using it. If you need to do another lease for a longer job, submit another voucher on the FSN site.

Lease voucher new.jpg

Note: You can also sell your voucher on the player market. To do so, simply fill in your sell price in the "In-game Bux Price" textbox and click "Sell On Player Market". If someone buys it, you will receive the sell price as WEB cash. You can choose to remove your voucher from the player market at any time, in which case it will be returned to your inventory.


  • Ensure to select the correct server for delivery. Staff will not be able to re-deliver your leased equipment if you have it delivered first to the wrong sever. You will then have to submit a new lease voucher if you still want the equipment.
  • The limits of 100k and 525k are hard limits. If the total cost of the vehicle requested is above the limit for the voucher you submit, the voucher is void, and the equipment will not be delivered at all.
  • GPS and the largest engine option is automatically included in all tractor and harvester leases, free of charge. Apart from that, the vehicle will be in stock condition, and further modifications can not be added.
  • Any vehicles leased through lease vouchers will be placed under the Contractor Farm slot in game. Make sure you have provided the Contractor Farm with contractor rights, to ensure that the equipment you lease will work together with your own equipment without issues.
  • The equipment will be delivered in server within 24 hours of the voucher being activated. Make sure to activate the voucher in time for the equipment to be delivered.