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Crop Insurance for Farmers

What is it?

Crop insurance is a tie in between FSN site and in-game farming. It gives you the opportunity to insure your crops in the event of a natural disaster, weather, or inability to harvest your crops.

How does it work? There are 3 basic features for farmers in the Crop Insurance program:

  1. Requesting a Quote
  2. Reviewing Quote results
  3. Approving or Denying coverage offer

Requesting a Quote for Crop Insurance

Insurance playerentity.png

  1. Login to your FSN account on the website and click on Myself > My Business
  2. On the left will be a ‘Crop Insurance’ button. Select this to be brought to the Insurance Agency Page.
  3. On this page you can see the available Insurance Agents to select from. Each one has different requirements. As you can see below, each agency has a credit score requirement to get a quote.
  4. If you wish to get a quote for insurance, click on the ‘GET QUOTE’ button.

The following screen will display: Insurance getquote.png

Insurance application.png

  • Red Arrow -> Select the server that the field is located on.
  • Yellow Arrow -> Enter the field number that you wish to be assessed for crop insurance.
  • Blue Arrow -> Enter the current crop type
  • Purple Arrow -> If you double crop, enter the second crop that is planted in this field.
  • Black Arrow -> Select your coverage level.
  • 20% of estimated yield is the cheapest option
  • 50% of estimated yield is the mid-range option
  • 100% of estimated yield is the most expensive option

When finished with your quote click on ‘Get a Quote’

Your quote will be analyzed by an insurance agent. It can take up to 72 hours to get a response. Your quote will either be declined or approved. If approved you will have the option to accept the quote.

Reviewing Quote Responses

When your quote has been reviewed you will get an alert on the main page of the FSN website:

Insurance alert.png

Clicking on this alert will give you your response.

If your quote is denied you will see the below message:

Insurance deny.png

If your quote is approved you will see the following:

Insurance approve.png

You can decide if you want to accept or deny the quote. If you deny it, you will not have crop insurance. If you accept, the field that you requested the quote on will be covered at the percentage you selected. You will be invoiced for the amount stated.

Crop insurance needs to be renewed annually if you wish to continue coverage for a field.

Article Key Contributor: jmlohrenz