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FSN Perks, Rewards & Incentives Programs

At FSN we value all of our members and their contributions to our community. With that in mind we have came up with several programs to encourage our members to continue helping our community prosper!

Daily Login Rewards

One important thing about our community is having a continued sense of community. With that in mind, the daily login reward program was born. Each day that you login, you unlock the next item in the list. There are up to 20 daily rewards you can earn, and this list, along with your progress on it, are reset on the 1st of each month. To access it, simply click the rewards button on the left hand side of your screen once you've logged in, near your FSN Level and XP.


Referral Program

Our referral program is another great program for our members to take advantage of. Currently, for every member that you refer that completes the signup process, you earn $2500 in game bux and a golden bale. It's a great chance to earn some extra bux and bales! To have someone list you as their referral, you'll need your user ID, which they will put into the referral box on signup. Both of these images are shown below. Rewards are automatically distributed once the user has been whitelisted.

Userid.png Referral.png

RP Article Writing

Do you have a flair for writing? Would you like to help contribute to making FSN a more vibrant and immersive environment? Then this program might be just for you! For every 500 words written in an article you'll earn $2,500 in game bux! It's that easy! To submit your article just click on the support ticket button on the homepage and then submit it with a subject of "RP Article"!

Wiki Team

Are you interested in helping spread knowledge about how FSN works? With us always coming out with new and revamped features, there's certainly plenty to write about! If you are interested in helping with the wiki, send a support ticket in and let us know! We will then generally give you an article item to write on, and you will receive $2,500 in game bux per 500 word article, with an additional $2,500 in game bux if you include screenshots to help walk the user through the steps in an article.

Article By Hans Reider