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General Guidelines

  • Respect others. This includes not using overly foul language, and if it is foul, it must not be derogatory or directed at another player.
  • We seriously condemn piracy. If you are found to be using a pirated copy of FS19, you will be removed from FSN.
  • If an issue arises, please use the player report form on the website. Be thorough, include links and screenshots, and remember that we will hear both sides of the story, so try to work it out amongst yourselves before bringing it to us, and if at that point you can't resolve it, submit a report.
  • Follow rules of the road. When driving, don't cut across fields. Use the roadways, that's why they were built. Use blinkers, flashers, etc.
  • Resetting of vehicles is a LAST resort and is only allowed with admin approval. In real life you can't poof your vehicle back to a store. So, if you flip something, or get stuck, have someone tow or flip you, if at all possible.
  • The use of AI is prohibited to help limit server lag.
  • If you are in the server, you need to be present. If you expect to be AFK longer than 15 minutes, please log out and back in.
  • If you are logged into the server, you must be available in discord. Voice is not REQUIRED at this point, but it is ENCOURAGED.
  • Mod requests and changes can be made with the request form via your account on the website. People are always welcome to submit ideas, suggestions, and the like, but we cannot guarantee they will be accepted or implemented.
  • If you find something you believe to be a windfall, it's more than likely NOT intended, and should be considered an exploit. If found to be using this windfall, and not reporting it as an issue, you are potentially subject to repercussions. If you see something that seems too good to be true, whether in game or on site, or with our mechanics, do the right thing and report it so we can maintain a balanced community.
  • Administrative staff reserves the right, if any mechanic on a particular server or website location is deemed to provide an unfair advantage, to make changes to those mechanics to rectify that situation and bring it in line with the spirit of the community that is intended for FSN. An example of an unfair advantage would be being able to do the same or less work for a substantially larger benefit.
  • If you have an issue, or need something done, unless it is an absolute emergency, do not DM staff. The ticketing system is designed to ensure we handle all issues in the order that they are received. If you DM staff about an issue or a request, you will be directed to submit a ticket.
  • Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. We understand everyone has their opinions and beliefs, but when you are here, you will treat your fellow players, and the staff of FSN, with respect. Blatant failure to do so can and will result in temporary or permanent bans depending on severity of the situation.
  • When doing contracts, you can only do one contract at a time. The system will not let you take a contract if you already hold an active contract. Complete the other contract first, or if you can't do the work it requires for whatever reason, cancel it.
  • A small prank once in a blue moon is fine if it's done to a friend, and it won't impact their day. However, large pranks, hiding equipment, using equipment, destroying or manipulating terrain, property or equipment in a way that would restrict a players ability to play in the manner they wish to is and will be deemed malicious, and will not be stood for. Our community is a community, and we come from all walks of life. It's highly likely we won't always see eye to eye with one another, but we will respect one another.
  • If you see a player being abusive or malicious to another player, when they are online or not, please first reach out to the person and try to dissuade them from this negative behavior. If this does not work and you see the negative behavior continue, please report it to staff.
  • Marketing bots are to be used to advertise your business, support a cause, or have fun. They are not to be used to harm another players image or business!
  • Any transaction over a certain amount via invoice, check, or in-game transfer will be flagged by the system for administrative review. Any transactions found to be done with the purpose of skating the rules, will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Player Owned Businesses (Dealerships, Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Agents, Etc.) may take out 1 Loan from a financial institution, and 1 loan only. If you go bankrupt due to poor financial planning, you will have to restart your business from scratch! So take loans/liabilities on with caution! (Does not apply to farms)

Support System

  • If you need anything done, the policy is to put in a ticket so that staff can handle things in the order they are received.
  • Requests via DMs will not be processed. Doing so will only further exhaust our ticketing queue and the process we have in place as FSN continues to grow.

Farm & Contractor Guidelines

  • Unless a change is requested by a staff member or admin, farm managers must never leave their farm slot on their home server. Doing so will make you lose your FM rights to your own farm. You may still join other farm slots in servers that are not your home server.
  • Contractors should remain out of a farm slot if they own no equipment and are not on a contract. If they own equipment, they can stay in the Contractor Farm, but only use their own items. If they are on a contract, it is up to the Farm Manager and the situation to determine whether or not the contractor should join the farm they are contracting for, or whether they should stay in Contractor Farm (perhaps if using their own equipment). Contractor Farm can be easily contracted so that you can work another farm’s field when necessary.
  • Never accept work without a contract or an active agreement unless you are willing to work for free. FSN staff will not guarantee any contract, auction, or agreement unless it is done through the website system that was made for such things.
  • Farms & Contractors are allowed to make private deals regarding land or equipment leases. The property will still be registered to the owner, not the leasing party, so make sure the lease covers the taxes.
  • Private sale of land or equipment is not possible, except through auctions.
  • There will be 1 transfer per farm, per day. So please plan ahead. You can put in more than one request, but only one will be processed in a day.
  • If you do not have an agreement in the system through our website, staff has no way to enforce any action or inaction. You must be able to provide proof of a deal for us to be able to honor it. Use the system we have provided so you don't run into issues!
  • FSN Vehicles, such as the DOT snowplow, large tractor, and large plow, are NOT for personal use on your farm. These vehicles are only to be used by players currently performing contracts for the Server Committee such as snowplowing or plowing a FSN-owned field. Using these vehicles for your own personal benefit is a significant exploit and can result in significant penalties. The FSN-owned telehander or forklift, if one is provided at the shop, may be used for loading pallets or objects you have purchasedat the shop, as well as to rescue vehicles that are stuck or tipped over to avoid vehicle reset.

Customs Contracts

  • When you create a customs contract, you wait for it to be completed by the person taking it. If your server is full, again, you wait for it to have a slot so they may take it. If they take it and then are offline, you may put in a ticket to request the contract be put into the pool. DO NOT create duplicate contracts just because someone has one. This will lead to more confusion for contractors, work for staff, and if it happens enough times, fines for you.
  • You are required to have the materials in the silos, or in the bale storages at the time of contract creation. If selling bales, you must also be online and ready to sell the bale storages per our procedure.

Contractor Specific Rules

  • If you are a contractor, respect your fellow contractors and the Farm Managers.
    • Do not join a farm and begin using their equipment, dealing with their land or animals without their consent, or agreed to contract.
    • Contractor-owned land and equipment appears in-game as part of the Contractor Farm (the pink-colored farm). If you see another contractor’s equipment, again, respect it, and don't use it just because it's in the Contractor Farm that you are also in.
  • Land Considerations for Contractors:
    • Contractors may not bid on land above 500k. The system will restrict you.
    • Contractors cannot lease OR own more than 100 acres, or 2 parcels of land, whichever is lesser.
    • Contractors will not be allowed to place any placeables on their land, except bale storages, silos and max 1 shed.
  • Banking Considerations for Contractors:
    • Banks Cannot lend more than $250k to a contractor.
    • Contractors Cannot have more than 2 open lines of credit.
  • Equipment Considerations for Contractors:
    • Contractors cannot own equipment without owning land.
    • Land owning contractors can buy equipment through the website, either in auctions or in the NPC Equipment Purchase. Contractors can not use the in game shop in the server.

Equipment Guidelines

  • Use proper equipment for appropriate tasks. Ex. Do not use a small tractor to pull a large implement. If you see someone using equipment in an improper manner, please report it.
  • Auger wagons is allowed on the road for NON-CROP transportation. So you can haul lime, seed and fert in an auger wagon to help resupply planting/liming/fert operations, but tippers/semis are required for crop transport on roadways.
  • Any agricultural vehicles on roadways is required to have beacons on at all times.
  • Equipment must be registered. Every time you make a purchase in game, register it using NPC Equpiment Purchase on the website. Any items bought through auctions or dealerships will be automatically registered upon delivery. Equipment not registered is subject to a fine, likewise, equipment that has been sold but is still registered is subject to a fine.
  • Vehicle transfers are limited to 7 per in game year.
  • Private sales of equipment can only happen through equipment auctions. You can only put a piece of equipment up for auction after you owned it for 1 full in game year. Alternatively you can sell it through the in game shop (if you have a farm slot on the server) after owning it for a year in game.
  • You can sell up to 5 pieces of equipent through equipment auctions per in game year.

Logging Guidelines

  • Obtain proper permits. Licenced Timber Operator (LTO) and Tree Permits are required.
  • Use proper wood hauling equipment. Think of safety, if you are hauling logs there must be rails on the side to hold them safely. Do not use tippers to haul logs.
  • To ensure your logging operations do not cause issues for the server or for other players, no more than 5 trees are allowed on the ground at a time. You must load them on a trailer before cutting more.
  • Any entity found not submitting daily reports and conducting daily logging (24 hour maximum between reports) will be subject to operational suspensions and fines.
    • 1st Infraction - 24 hour halt to logging operations, up to 5% fine of any wood logged since last reporting.
    • 2nd Infraction - 72 hour halt to logging operations, up to 20% fine of any wood logged since last reporting.
    • 3rd Infraction - Company reported to Forestry Service and must submit to a Judicial Hearing and Government Review of their Operation. Minimum 72 hour halt to operations, substantial fines, and potential permanent shut down of logging operations for that company for a period of not less than 2 calendar years.

Land, Land Sales & Land Auction Guidelines

  • To prevent entire maps to be covered in fields only by overly profit eager FMs, the following rules need to be taken into consideration when plowing up new fieldland:
    • Must leave minimum 5m easement to roadways and map edge.
    • Must leave minimum 3m easement from waterways, even on own land.
    • Must not combine fields via plowing, minimum 5m easement between marked fields.
    • No plowing up of what is considered a courtyard, driveway, or literal yard of your farm.

Hans reserves the right to assess when anyone is pressing a grey area of this too much and adjust accordingly.

  • Apart from your starter parcel, land can only be acquired through auctions, either Land Auctions, Private Land Auctions or Live Auctions.
  • Private land sales can only happen through the Private Land Auctions. Alternatively, you can sell the land back to NPC in game.
  • You may only sell one parcel of land per year.
  • Gamey techniques such as having a low tier farm buy a restricted auction and setting up an immediate 10 year lease is frowned upon, and if it becomes a problem will incur penalties.
  • You cannot sell your home parcel under any circumstance. The only time it is sold is back to NPC farm when moving or wiping.
  • A farm that is leaving FSN cannot mass transfer its assets to another farm. This creates an unfair advantage to the receiving farm that wouldn't have existed if not for the players exit. If you wish to take a break from FSN, please sell your things in the timelines and within the guidelines of the community, or sell back to NPC. At that time we can keep all your funds on your web account for when/if you decide to return.
  • You may lease up to any number of parcels in a year, but must have an agreement in place showing it's still an active lease, and these must be renewed.
  • When you take possession of a parcel, be it from auction, or from another player, you will have to hold that title for a minimum 3 years (36 RL days) before you may sell it to another party.
  • When you win a Land NAV or locality restricted auction, those restrictions stay on the land for 10 years.

Moving Primary Farm Location Guidelines

  • There will be 1 move allowed every 60 days.
  • A fee of 10% of your total NAV will be deducted to make the move, unless you are moving to a new server you are sponsoring (see Mayors)
  • In order to move your home plot must be sold back to NPC.
  • You may not move to a land valued at more than 300k (The estimated average parcel bought as a new farm), to prevent established farms from taking advantage of getting to pick any land without competition while also having a much higher buying power.
  • If you are coming from a wooded parcel that you have clear cut, you must have re-prepared the land for the next owner. This means trees planted, or truly workable fields created (Not a 2 wide strip on a mountain.)
  • If land is won at auction, and then you wish to move to the map, you will own any land won at auction plus be able to pick 1 parcel under 300k in addition, if you choose.
  • If you are wanting to move because you've sponsored a new map, the parcel cost restriction is lifted and you may purchase 1 parcel without price restriction, but no more.
  • If you want to leave a server, you can request your farm removed from the server and your status to be reverted to Contractor at any time. If you do, your farm slot will be removed from your server. You will keep your FM status for a 30 day cool-down period. After the 30 days you will return to contractor. You can only reapply for FM after the 30 day cool-down period. If / when you do, you will not be eligible for a new 500k grant. You can pick a parcel up to 500k like a new FM coming to the server.

Vacation mode / Inactivity

  • If you need to go away for some time and can't tend to your FSN duties, you may activate vacation mode. You will find this on the website under "Settings".
  • In vacation mode, you pay a set amount of bales per week. This will keep you account active, but you won't incur debts like loan payments. Once you end vacation mode, or run out of bales, all payments come due, and you will find your account just like you left it.
  • Farms cannot lease out their main farmland for more than 2 game years. You have to actively farm your own land at least 1 in every 3 years. Otherwise the farm is subject to removal. Any values from the removal will be credited the farm's web account.
  • Farms that are not seen on the website in over 30 days and/or not in game for over 2 game years, are subject to possible removal from the server to make room for active players. Their assets will be sold and credited to their web account for when/if they return.

Building Permits

Buliding permits are no longer required.

Permit Rules

  • Permits must be purchased to conduct any operation a permit is listed for on the FSN website (Interactions - Permit Center). Failure to have a permit can result in a fine.
  • Permits are not transferable, or resalable, and are only to be used by the purchasing entity, or someone contracted to do work on purchasing entities land on their behalf.
  • All permits are timed permits. After a set amount of time, they will expire and need to be renewed. Any active permit you hold will tell you when it will expire, or if it is expired already. Make sure you keep your permits up to date, an expired permit is the same as having no permit at all, and will land you a fine.
    • Tip: You can stack update your permits to extend the expiration date. If you update a 7 day permit 4 times, it will expire after 28 days.

The Super Simple Mayor Info Book

  • Sponsoring a new server earns you the title Mayor of that server.
  • Mayors get to have a farm SLOT on any map they sponsor, + 1 additional farm slot on a map they do not sponsor.
  • Mayors get 1 Home Parcel, no matter how many servers they sponsor.
  • If a mayor wishes to pick a new home parcel, they can do so IF they are sponsoring a new server, and IF they sell their old home parcel back to NPC.
  • There is no limit on the price of the new parcel, but the mayor must pay for it out of pocket.
  • If you are not already a FM and are becoming the mayor of the map you are sponsoring, you are able to pick any starting parcel with no price limit, but your starting FM grant is still only 500K.
  • Important concept: What is the difference between farm slots and home parcels?
- A "Farm Slot" is your pretty farm color (you are one of the six farms on the map).
- A "Home Parcel" is a plot of land. You may own many plots of land, but only one can be your home parcel.
  • If you are considering sponsoring a server, or have already done so, read the Mayors article for further information.

FSN Inspectors & Police

  • FSN Police & Inspectors may go anywhere on a map, as long as they are on duty and following the rules for their roles. They will be identifiable because they will log in with their unique badge number. If you have issue with an officer, have evidence such as a screenshot, provide their badge number, and submit a ticket. Please do not interfere with them trying to do their jobs, just as you wouldn't want someone to interfere with you trying to work a field.