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What is a Farm Manager?

A Farm Manager is an FSN player that own his own farm slot on a server.

When can you become a farm manager?

You can become a Farm Manager after 30 days of being a contractor. You can shorten the waiting period from 30 to 7 days by making a donation of $20 or more.

How do you apply for Farm Manager?

  1. When your 7 or 30 day waiting period is completed, there will be a blue button on your home screen that says “Request To Be FM”.
  2. When you click the button it takes you to a second screen where you can choose your server from the dropdown menu.
  3. When you have chosen your server and clicked “Next Step” you choose your parcel from the dropdown menu. You can choose any plot that shows up in the dropdown menu. The cost will be drawn from your in-game start-up grant of 500k. If the selected parcel costs less than 500k, the rest will be available for you to spend as you like. If it costs more, the overshooting amount will be covered by an in-game loan.
  4. When you have chosen your parcel click the submit to be FM! Button, then wait for a staff member to contact you to set up your farm.

Additional info

  • When you first become an FM, you get $500k added to your in-game farm. If your starting parcel costs less than that, you keep the difference in your in-game account. If for example your plot costs $325k, you will have $175k of ingame money.
  • Expensive parcels are not available to select as starting parcels. The price limit can vary slightly, but is in the area of $525k. If a parcel is above the limit, you will not be able to select it in the dropdown menu. You can check which parcels are available on a server without completing the application.
  • If your first time applying for FM is on a server you are sponsoring, you can take any plot of choice, regardless of price. You still only get 500k as your in game start-up grant, anything above that will be covered with a loan. If for example your parcel costs $675k, you will have an in game loan of $175k.
  • Any donation of minimum 20 dollars counts to shorten your waiting time to 7 days. This will come on top of any perks your donation gives you, like prize boxes etc. If you sponsor a new server, the $75 you pay for the first month will also reduce your waiting time. 7 days is the minimum wait time even with a donation, to help you get used to the community and prepare to be a FM in our realistic environment.
  • If you want to change anything on your active application (you want another parcel than you first selected, you want to change server because there is a number of people before you in line etc), simply click the “Request To Be FM” button and submit a new application. This one will automatically overwrite any older application. Note that this will move you to the back of the line of applications.