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The long awaited PRE-1 of factories is here. PRE-1 means that there is still much more to do before Factories are fully released. So PRE-1 is like the infancy of factories for FSN, and contains the bare basics. A bunch of features and possibilities awaits for future versions.

What is a Factory?

A factory is part of the Meta-game of FSN. It is a virtual property your farm owns, which takes raw material and makes finished goods. Although Factories will eventually have a much wider range of production possibilities, a simple example of Factories in this early implementation is:

- A factory can turn Wheat into Wheat Flour. You can then sell the Wheat Flour on the Global Market, or you can then use that Wheat Flour in another factory which converts the Wheat Flour into Wheat Bread.


There are currently three types of factories:

  • Flour
    • Raw material: Wheat, Barley or Corn
    • Finished product: Flour Wheat, Flour Barley or Flour Corn
  • Yeast
    • Raw material: Sugarcane + Water (water is provided by the factory free of charge)
    • Finished product: Yeast
  • Bread
    • Raw material: Flour Wheat, Flour Barley or Flour Corn + Yeast
    • Finished product: Bread Wheat, Bread Barley or Bread Corn

What can you do?

  • Buy a Factory
  • Produce Goods using that Factory
  • Sell those Goods produced by the Factory on the GM, or use those goods in other Factories for further refined products.

Things to Note:

  • Currently there is no shipping involved, factories will pull inventory from your warehouse in that country, as well as send output to that warehouse.
  • You will have to pay daily labor and utility costs, but they will be 1/10th of what the planned values are while we are in early testing.
  • You cannot currently sell off a Factory. In the future you will be able to set it offline it to greatly reduce costs. But for now, you cannot sell a Factory once you have purchased one.
  • Please note that some things may not even be a direct/correct reflection such as storage. The storage on your details page is accurate for your local warehouse, but other data may not currently be accurate.

Please also note there are key differences between factories now and in the future. In the future, the factory you can buy now will be called a "Starter Factory" and will be used simply for new people wanting to learn the basics of factories and how they work. Later versions will see you building factories that span acres with multiple pieces of equipment to build, buy, and maintain, as well as much more in depth finances and production capabilities. This is the tip of the proverbial iceberg to get the "Newbie" factories to a point where we can get started and can move on to more complex ones.

How to get started with Factories

  • Buy a warehouse in the country you want to have your factory, if you do not already have one (Interactions - Import/Export Center - Warehouses)
  • Buy a Factory of the type you want in the same country as your warehouse (Interactions - Factories/Production - New Factory)


  • View information about your Factory (Interactions - Factories/Production - My Factories) and select “Details” for the factory you want to view (In the example show below, the Player owns 4 factories.)


  • Make sure you have raw input (the factory uses 500 units of each raw material per hour)
  • Make sure you have room for export (the factory creates 250 units of finished product per hour)
  • Choose what product you want to produce and how many hours of production you want to run, and click Perform Production Run
  • Once the production is completed, click Complete to move the finished product back into your warehouse


How do Factories fit with Global Market, Warehouses, and FSN Customs In-Game?