Downloading and Installing Mods

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First time installing mods for FSN

  1. Login to the FSN website
  2. Go to the Dropbox link under your xp bar
  3. Download the FSN Master utilities folder, and the maps you want to use from the FSN Master Maps folder
    • (Midwest Horizon), (Seneca County) and (Farms Of Madison County) are the training servers
  4. Make a new mod folder
  5. Extract the FSN Master Utilities folder into your new mod folder
  6. Place the maps downloaded in your new mod folder, no extracting
  7. Empty your existing mod folder from Farming Simulator (remember to make a backup if you want to keep them for future single player saves)
  8. Copy paste the mods from your new mod folder into the Farming Simulator mod folder.
  9. You can now play on FSN servers.

Updating mods (only needed after maintenance, see Announcements)

  1. Go to the FSN Dropbox
  2. Download the latest mod folder named: New Additions yyyy-mm-dd
  3. Extract the “New Additions yyyy-mm-dd” folder into your Farming Simulator mod folder.
  4. If you are asked to overwrite any files, click Yes.
  5. You can now play on FSN servers.

Tips and tricks

  • Mods may need to be updated after maintenance. Maintenance is announced in the Discord #announcement-channel.
  • Never update mods in the ModHub or from any other place than the FSN Dropbox. The mods have been modified to work in FSN, downloading or upgrading them from anywhere else will mean that you will not be able to access the servers
  • Have 2 different mod folders, 1 for FSN and 1 for your single player saves or other multiplayer games
  • When downloading FSN mods, delete old versions from your download folder, or preferably download them into an empty folder. If you have downloaded a mod named “” before you joined FSN, and then download an FSN mod with the same filename, but modified to work with FSN, Windows will rename the FSN mod to “FS19_mod(1).zip”. As the server is looking for the file called “”, it will tell you that you are missing the mod, and you will not be able to join the server.