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What is a dealership?

A dealership is a player owned business where you can buy and trade in equipment. You can find the dealerships on the website under Interactions – Dealerships.


Buying equipment

  • Go to the Dealerships page
  • Search for the brand/category you want, or go to an individual dealerhip 
  • When you choose a brand/category from the dropdown menu, you see all the equipment from that brand/category that the dealerships have in stock and ready for you to buy
  • If you visit an individual dealership, click “New Equipment” to see all their stock. You can’t sort or filter equipment here
  • Find the piece you want, select GPS or No GPS and click Purchase.
  • Equipment is delivered within 72h

Additional information

- Only select GPS on vehicles that have GPS. If you select GPS, you will be charged for a GPS even if the equipment you buy doesn’t have GPS available (trailers, implements etc)
- If you need to talk to a dealer, you can message them directly from their dealership page on the website
- You need to be a Farm Manager to buy stuff from dealerships. If you are a contractor, you can buy new equipment from NPC Equipment Purchase, or used equipment from the auctionhouse.

Selling equipment / Trade-ins

  • Park the equipment you want to trade in at the shop in game
  • Go to the dealerships page
  • Visit the dealership you want to trade your equipment to
  • Select “Trade-In”
  • Fill in the in-game hours. You can also add a brief comment to the dealer if you wish
  • Press “Get Trade In Value” 
  • Go to your equipment inventory (Myself – My Business and click “Equipment”)
  • Once the dealer has given you a trade-in valuation (max 24 hours), accept or decline the trade-in
  • If you accept the quote the equipment is picked up within 72h.
  • when the equipment is picked up you get the money on your web acc.
  • when you denied the quote you can pick up your equipment from the store.

Additional information

- Only fill in the hours as they appear in game. Any hours from previous owners or use on other servers will be automatically added by the system
- Once you have requested a trade-in valuation, that equipment is put in appraisal mode. This means you cannot use it, nor sell it, transfer it or do anything else with it
- A dealer has 24 hours to respond to a trade-in valuation request. If they don’t respond within 24 hours, trade-in will be denied, and you can start using it again as if nothing happened.
- A trade-in valuation is valid for 24 hours, so make sure to check your equipment inventory frequently. If you don’t accept a valuation within 24 hours, it will automatically decline.
- When you trade in your vehicle, it will be reverted to a base model. The dealer will not be able to pay extra for a highly specced vehicle.


Putting equipment in stock

  • Go to your dealer page
  • Get the license from the brand you want to sell (purchasable under Licensing)
  • Go to Factory Purchase
  • Select the brand in the dropdown and press View Brand Factory
  • Press Order on the equipment you want to sell
  • To change the price, go to Inventory Adjust 
  • Change the price in the retail box and press Update
  • Now the equipment is in the store with the right price


  • Go to your dealer page
  • go to Trade-In Offers and see all the trade-in requests
  • Fill in the amount you want to pay for the equipment and press Make Offer.
  • Wait for the seller to accept or deny the offer
  • If the seller accepts your offer, the equipment is delivered to your inventory and money is drawn from your account within 72 hours
  • Changing the price on trade-ins is the same as for new equipment

Additional information

- You need a license to sell a brand. When you don’t renew it, the license is gone with all the equipment.
- When you buy a license, you can have equipment for up to 1 million dollars in stock
- You can raise or lower the max stock amount once per in game year with increments of 1 million. Raising or lowering the stock amount costs 25k
- Licenses needs to be renewed every game year. Renewing a license costs 2.5% of the max stock amount
- If a license expires, you will have to rebuy it at full price. Make sure to not let your license expire unless you want to stop selling that brand!
- GPS price can be changed under inventory adjust.
- Equipment you bought from trade ins are defaulted to the price you paid +10%
- Leasing is currently not available, but will be added at a later stage
- When you get a trade in, it will be reverted to a base model. Take this into account when appraising a trade in request.