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What is it?

Customs is a system unique to FSN that was created to allow farms to both participate in a more globalized economy, while also providing farms the ability to trade on the market with other players and NPC's to get the goods they may need for their farms, as well as offering brokerage options etc.

How To's

The following section outlines the How To's for each type of customs interaction. If you are still unsure about something regarding customs after reading this article, please ask in the Discord questions channel BEFORE making an assumption. Making a wrong assumption may end up costing both you and other farmers a lot of money.

Note that the customs office's operating hours is 0430am - 0030am. This means that you will not be able to perform direct sale or send to warehouse between 0030am and 0430am.

Farmer: Direct Sale To Market

If you are a farmer looking to sell your product directly to market, you will need to take the following steps.

  1. First, you will need to deliver all goods you wish to sell to market to the customs silos. All crops, milk and woodchips go into the grate by the large green building with several silos in it.
  2. Once your items are in the customs silos, proceed to create the customs export contract. Do this by going to Myself > My Business > Crop Sales. Select Direct Sell along with your crop type, and quantity. Please note you can only direct sell in up to 500k liter batches. This is to allow the market price to accommodate to the influx of goods. You can submit up to 3 batches in a row, but you MUST make sure the product is at the silo!
  3. Once you have entered the information it will give you your total income from the sale, and ask you to confirm. Once you confirm it will generate an FSN Customs Contract in the Contract Center.
  4. At this point you are done. Once the contractor has finished the contract, your account on the website will be credited for your sale!


To direct sell bales, you need to do the following:

  1. Place the appropriate type of bale storage onto a piece of land you own (be mindful of terraforming happening when placing it).
  2. Fill it with the bales you want to sell.
  3. Follow instructions 3 and 4 from above. Note that when selling bales, you enter the number of bales you are selling, not the litres.
  4. Once you confirm the sale on the website, a customs contract will appear for a customs officer to meet you in map. You need to be on the server where you are selling the bales from when you confirm the sale on the website.
  5. The customs officer will log on to your server, join your farm, come to your bale storage(s) (it is appreciated if you place a vehicle next to the bale storage so the customs officer can teleport to it), and confirm that the number of bales in storage is the same as you put up for sale.
  6. As soon as he confirms the bale number, you go ahead and sell off the bale storages with all the bales inside. The customs officer will witness you selling the storages.
  7. When the storages are sold, the customs officer will complete his contract as soon as the contract timer allows him. You will receive the payment from the sale when he completes his contract.

Farmer: Send to Warehouse

If you are a farmer looking to send to warehouse, you will follow all of the steps above with 1 minor changes.

  • On step 3, select "To Warehouse" instead of "Direct Sell" on the Crop Sales screen.

There is no limit to how much you can send to warehouse, as long as your warehouse has room. To learn about the basics of warehouses, visit our Imports & Exports page to gather the basics of how they work.

Contractor: Export Audits

If you are a contractor taking an export audit contract, you will follow the following steps each time.

  1. As soon as you enter the server to do an export audit, join the FSN Farm. This is extremely important, performing and do export audit under any other farm than FSN Farm will have economic consequences for both FSN government as well as the other farm.
  2. Find the appropriate semi to haul the goods located near the customs silo on each map. The equipment will always be lemken blue. You will need to be in FSN Team farm.
  3. Once you have pulled up to the silo with the appropriate trailer/tanker, you will verify it has the amount of the goods specified in the contract. You will then load the goods.
  4. Once the goods are loaded, you will deliver to the nearest sell point for that product type. DO NOT PUT THE ITEMS INTO THE CUSTOMS AREA. If you are found putting items back into the customs area you can be fined!
  5. Once you have delivered the goods to market, return the customs vehicle to its proper place at the customs silo.
  6. Some contracts may require you to haul more than 1 trailer load. A contract of 300k would be 3 trailer loads, a contract of 150k liters would be 1.5 trailer loads. Use the Fill Level Limiter (Right Alt + L) to take the exact amount that the contacts asks for if there is more product in the customs silo.


- If you are an FM, you are not allowed to do customs contracts on your home server, even if it is for other farms than your own.
- You are obviously not allowed to do your own customs contracts in any case, whether you are FM on your home server, FM with land in contractor farm or a contractor.