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Contract Types

In the FSN Contract Center, you will see many different types of contracts. What do they all mean? Here are the general types of contracts that will be available - click on the type of contract for more detailed instructions on how to complete it.

Player-created Contracts (work for landowners)

Player contracts being offered by landowners are shown in the left-hand column in the Contracting Center. These can be for all types of farm work, and fall into several broad categories:

  • Fieldwork (e.g., plowing, planting, fertilizing, harvesting)
  • Transport work (e.g., moving crops, logs, or bales)
  • Logging (e.g., cutting down trees and preparing them for sale)
  • Other (e.g., riding horses, mixing TMR for cows, washing and repairing equipment)

Player contracts specify the farm offering the contract, the type of contract, the amount offered for payment, and the server the contract is located on. It may also indicate whether a player needs to have completed a certain number of player contracts already (for any FSN farm), or a certain number of contracts for that specific farm, to be eligible to accept the contract. If this is the case, there will be a line in the contract saying “x/x Player Jobs” or “x/x Farm Jobs”.

Check the details of the contract, as the amount indicated on the contract may either be a lump-sum payment or an hourly wage - you will not know unless you read the details!

Example - Player-created contract with no contractor experience requirement:

Contract 1.jpg

Example - Player-created contract with contractor experience requirement:

Contract 2.jpg

Customs Export Audit Contracts

The other type of contract you will see in the left-hand column are FSN Customs Agency contracts. These are generated whenever a player brings their crop, woodchips, milk, or bales to the FSN Customs area on a server and wants to sell that crop either directly to the Global Market or ship it to their warehouse (more on these mechanics here [insert hyperlink to GM page).

Crop, woodchip, or milk sales:

  1. Head to the server indicated on the contract.
  2. Join the FSN Team farm on the server!
  3. Enter one of the FSN team semi-trucks (light blue).
  4. Verify that the amount of crop, woodchips or milk has already been delivered to the Customs area by the seller. Every material should be in the green shed with multiple silos and can be checked by looking at the silo display near the shed or by driving a Customs trailer under the unloading spout, pressing R and cycling to the appropriate crop.
  5. If the amount is correct, fill the trailer with the correct amount of crop, woodchips or milk and deliver the product to any sell point on the map.
    • If there is more crop in the silo than the contract requires, try to fill the trailer to as close to the contracted amount as possible. A leeway of +/- 500 liters is acceptable.
    • Before unloading the crops into a sellpoint, check again to make sure you are in the FSN Team farm when selling the product!
  6. Return the truck and trailer to the FSN Customs area.
  7. Remember to complete the contract when you are done. This is how the FM gets paid for his sale, so if you forget, expect the FM to DM you after a little time asking you to complete it.

Example - Details of an FSN Customs Agency Export Audit contract

Contract 3.jpg

Note: Some Customs contracts may be for the sale of more product than the Customs trailer can hold - in these cases two trips to the sell point would be required.

Note: If the correct amount of product is not in the Customs area, do not complete the contract! Message the appropriate Farm Manager on Discord or in the server (if they are there). If you can't reach the FM, or he confirms that the contract is invalid, submit a ticket with the contract ID, explaining the issue. Hold on to the contract until staff reaches out to you. You can take other contracts in the meantime.

Note: Customs contracts (other than bale sales) require a valid CDL Permit, as they require driving a Customs semi-truck from the Customs silos to a sell point on the map.

For bale sales

  1. Head to the server indicated in the contract.
  2. Contact the Farm Manager through server chat or Discord to ensure they are on the server and available.
  3. Locate the bale storage structure (with instructions from the Farm Manager) and verify that it contains the correct number of bales, as indicated on the contract.
  4. Tell the Farm Manager once you have verified the number and watch them sell the bale storage structure.
  5. Once you have seen the bale storage disappear, you can complete the contract (once the timer allows you).

NPC Contracts

NPC contracts are found on the right side of the contract center, and are contracts that are posted automatically by the FSN server system.


  1. Accept the contract and join the appropriate server.
  2. Press Alt+S to open the Seasons menu. Click on the weather icon (second from the left).
  3. Take a screenshot of the weather forecast (F12 for Steam users, or whatever other method you usually use).
  4. Upload the screenshot to the #weather-bots channel in the FSN Discord server. Add text indicating the name and number of the server that the forecast is for.
  5. Right-click the picture in Discord and click “Copy Link”.
  6. Paste the link in the box in the “My Contracts” area of the FSN website.
  7. Mark the contract as complete. Note that there is a timer on the contract, which means you can’t complete the contract until 5 minutes after you accepted it.

FSN Revenue Service Audit

  1. Accept the contract and join the appropriate server.
  2. Check the contract details to see which farm you are supposed to audit.
  3. Join the appropriate farm. Use the password provided in the contract details if the farm is password protected. If no password is provided, but the farm still requires a password, DM the owner of the farm on Discord.
  4. Press Esc to open the main menu, and click on the finances tab.
  5. Record the amount of cash and loan the farm has.
  6. Enter the cash and loan amounts in the appropriate boxes in the “My Contracts” area of the FSN website.
    1. If cash is negative, enter a “-” before it. Do not enter a “-” before the loan amount - the system automatically knows that the loan is a negative value.
  7. Mark the contract as complete. Note that there is a timer on the contract, which means you can’t complete the contract until 15 - 30 minutes after you accepted it.

Training contracts

For details on training contracts, see Training & Contractor Servers.

Posting Work

If you’re a Farm Manager, you can post contracts looking for contractors/workers. To do this click Add Contract which will load a new page. Complete the form in full detailing what type of work is involved, which server and field, the pay offered (hourly or total) and how long you want the contract to be available for. If you would like to limit who can accept your contract you can enter the Minimal Jobs boxes. This ensures only players who have completed contracts before, either for you or for other farms, can accept yours. Once you’re happy click Submit Contract and It’ll publish to the website for contractors to accept.

Additional information

  • Make sure you fully understand what is required in the contract before accepting. If you’re unsure, ask the Farm Manager who posted the contract or catch someone in discord.
  • Do not accept a contract unless you are ready to start work right away and know that you are able to complete the contract in full.
  • If you take a contract that pays hourly, make sure you start work immediately upon accepting the contract. When you are done working, make sure to comlete the contract right away.
  • The system will only allow you to hold one contract at a time. Finish the job in full and complete the contract to be able to pick up the next. This is to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at getting work, even on slow days.
  • There is plenty of work to go around. If you miss out on one contract there’ll be another following shortly.

Special thank you to ReubyJuice for providing large portions of this article to the wiki team!