Contract Center

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Contract Center

Want a little extra cash? Bored and want to help another farm for a few hours? The Contract Center is where to come.

On the left you’ll see Farm Managers who are asking for assistance. On the right you’ll see contracts generated for work on the Contracting Server(s) (#10/TBA/TBA).

Contracts on this page will have the type of contract (transporting, plowing, planting, etc) along with the price (either per hour or in total) as well as the server on which you’ll need to join to complete it. Read the “Details” of the contract and if you are happy that you have understood it and are able to complete the work, click “Accept Contract”. This will take you to “My Contracts” which lists all contracts you have completed.

Do The Job!

Read the contract and ensure you fulfill all of it's requirements, logging into the correct server and farm, doing the work needed, and then exiting. If it is a player contract and something is unclear, simply DM that Farm Manager. If it's an NPC contract and you are unsure, ask in the questions channel!

Complete the contract!

Once you’ve finished the contract on the server remember to return all equipment to the location you picked it up from unless stated in the contract. Come back to My Contracts and Complete the job. Payment will be made to your account and you’re free to accept another one.

FSN Tips

• Do not accept more than one contract at a time. This allows other players to also accept work.

• Make sure you fully understand what is required in the contract before accepting. If you’re unsure, ask the Farm Manager who posted the contract or catch someone in discord.

• There is plenty of work to go around. If you miss out on one contract there’ll be another following shortly.

• If you accept a contract but find that the server is full when you try to join, cancel the contract and accept one for another server.

• Remember to send a sync warning when connecting to a server!

Posting Work

If you’re a Farm Manager, you can post contracts looking for contractors/workers. To do this click Add Contract which will load a new page. Complete the form in full detailing what type of work is involved, which server and field, the pay offered (hourly or total) and how long you want the contract to be available for. If you would like to limit who can accept your contract you can enter the Minimal Jobs boxes. This ensures only players who have completed contracts before, either for you or for other farms, can accept yours. Once you’re happy click Submit Contract and It’ll publish to the website for contractors to accept.