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What is an auction?

An auction in a place where u can bid on land and equipment.

In FSN we have several different types of auctions:

  • NPC Land Auctions: Randomly generated auctions for FSN land
  • NPC Broker Land Auctions: Randomly generated auctions for FSN land that can only be bought by brokers. Brokers will then offer the land for lease for up to 10 years, before tha land is returned to FSN.
  • Player Land Auctions: Auctions put up by players who want to sell their land.
  • Equipment Auctions: Auctions put up by players who want to sell their equipment.

Once a month we also have a live auction where you can bid on different land, equipment and other items. The live auctions are scheduled in the calendar found on the website, and will be announced on Discord shortly before they air.

How do auctions work?

When a new land or item is put up for auction you get notified in the Auction House channel in Discord. New auctions will sit in Upcoming Auctions for 12 hours to allow potential buyers to prepare their time and finances. After that it goes live for x amount of time. The end time is shown on the home page of the auction. When you click on a specific auction you will also see a countdown timer for when the auction ends.

To place a bid on a land auction you need to have 50% of the bid amount available as WEB Cash. When u bid on equipment you need to have 100% of the bid amount available as WEB Cash.

When you place a bid on an equipment auction, you need to select which server you want it delivered to. The dropdown menu defaults to your home server if you have one. Note that you need to select the server each time you place a bid! If you win an auction, but you have selected to have it delivered to the wrong server, you have to wait for it to be delivered, then place a vehicle transfer to have it moved to the correct server, costing you both time and money, as well as placing extra work on staff.

What do I do when I win an auction?

If you win an auction, you don’t have to do anything else to pay the money or have the item delivered. Money will be drawn from you WEB Cash account shortly after the auction is complete (usually somewhere between 1 and 24 hours after the auction ends), and land or equipment will be delivered to you by staff within the normal 24 – 72 hour turnaround time. However, if you have won a land auction, you are allowed to start working the land immediately after the auction ends, even if it is still under FSN Farm or the player farm who sold the land.

Live auction

Live auction happens approximately once a month. Hans is the auctioneer and sells land, equipment, mystery boxes etc.

Before the live auction starts you need to register as a bidder on the site, granting you your secret action number. When you are registered you can join the Live Auction voice channel on discord. The channel will appear well before the live auction starts.

When the live auction starts Hans will explains the rules and restrictions of the specific auction. Rules vary from auction to auction, so make sure you are there at the start, so you know what the rules are!

Hans will then start announcing items for sale. He will run the auction in the voice channel, and the information for each item, as well as the bids, will be shown in the Auction House discord channel. To place a bid, press the blue button that appeared when you registered for the auction on the website. Note that clicking the button at any time except during a bidding is forbidden, and may grant you a fine (Hans knows who is behind the secret bidder number).

How to place an auction

Go to the action page and select Sell Equipment or Sell Land.

Select the equipment or land you want to sell from the dropdown menu and fill in the price, auction length and other information. For equipment auctions, you also need to fill in hours on equipment. Note that you fill in the hours as they show in game. Any additional hours from earlier transfers, resets etc will be added automatically.

When done press add to auction block and your land or equipment are placed for auction.

Note: You need to hand over the land or equipment you want to sell BEFORE you place the auction on the website.

  • For equipment, this means you need to take the piece of equipment to the shop in server and park it neatly in the parking lot (not on the buy or sell triggers). Failing to do so will grant you a $5,000 fine.
  • For land, this means that any placeables need to be removed from the plot, any crops you want harvested needs to be harvested etc. You will not be allowed to work the land in any way once the auction is up. If there are placeables left on the parcel, the land can not be transferred to the new owner, and you will not get paid for the land. If you refuse to remove all placeables from a parcel you have put up for auction, or if you keep putting up for auction parcels that have placeables on them, fines will be issued.

When do I get my land/equipment?

Land and equipment are delivered within 24 - 72 hours of the auction ending. For land auctions, you can start working the land immediately after the auction ends, without having to wait for staff to transfer and register the land to your farm.

General information

  • Land can only be put up for auction after you owned it for 3 full in game years. You are never allowed to sell your home plot (except when moving home server, in which case your home plot will be sold back to NPC).
  • Equipment can only be put up for auction after you owned it for 1 full in game year.
  • Always double check that the amount you bid is what you intend it to be. Never use dots or commas in your bid, only straight digits.
  • If you place a bid on an auction, and it turns out that once the auction ends, you are unable to pay for it for whatever reason, a fine of 25% of the bid will be issued.
  • You are only allowed to put 1 plot of land up for auction per in game year.
  • You are only allowed to put 3 pieces of equipment up for auction per in game year.
  • When equipment is sold through auction, the GPS and engine configurations will carry over to the new owner. All other specifications will be reset to stock. Make sure to include in the description the engine specs and whether the vehicle has GPS or not if you put a vehicle up for auction.

Tutorial videos

Auction house video (ReubyJuice):

Live auction video (Qwikstreet Corner):