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What are they?

Auctions come in many forms on FSN. We have NPC land auctions, NPC land brokerage auctions, equipment auctions and player land auctions. We also hold special LIVE auctions once a month. From these auctions you have the chance to bid on a multitude of items and properties throughout FSN.

    • Notice: Auctions article will be filled out later soon. This is being created as a placeholder and to put auction payment/delivery information! **

How Do I Pay For / Get My Stuff?

This depends on the auction type.

  • For an NPC land auction, the total amount will be deducted from your web account within 72 hours of auction closing, and the land will be given to you on server by staff.
  • For a Player Land Auction, you will pay the player the amount ABOVE base cost via check/invoice, and then they will put in a transfer request of the land. They will sell the land, and you will buy the land. If it is not your home server you will need to pay the full amount to the farmer, and staff will need to take the NPC price from the seller.
  • For equipment auctions, you will need to pay the player the amount owed, and upon complete payment they will put in a vehicle transfer request to get the vehicle to you. This can take up to 72 hours.
  • For special auctions, live auctions and mystery auctions, staff will contact you to make payment arrangements.
  • In large if the above doesn't answer your question, everything is tracked in our system and is processed in the order it is received. Someone will reach out to you to make arrangements. The only time you need to contact someone is if it is listed above, or if you haven't heard from someone or gotten a delivery in over 72 hours.