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Registration Guide

  1. Go to
  2. Click the New Member Registration and fill out the form completely.
  3. Join the discord and begin reading the knowledge base.
  4. After you've read the knowledge base, head to the "announcements" channel in discord, and find the pinned link to find our mod files.
  5. Download the Master Folder FIRST, and then download the Maps folder SECOND (Mega has a 5.5gb transfer limit daily per user, so you'll want the Master folder first and then pick which maps you want to play on for the first day. The following day you can download the remaining maps.) Note We will be moving to Dropbox in the near future which will make this step irrelevant, but, it is however necessary at this point in time!
  6. Plan out a business name. We start everyone as a contractor for approximately 30 days to ensure they plan on sticking around and so they can get used to the system, and at that point if they wish, and we have availability for them, we will allow them to take a Farm Manager role.
  7. After you've completed all of the above, contact staff in the discord to conduct your interview and finalize setting up your account!