Agricultural Inspector

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The agricultural inspector is another system that has been developed to both enhance the realism on our network of servers and to improve roleplay, player interaction, and create another money sink. The agricultural inspector is either elected permanently for a server season, or will be an admin farm hired position for a set period of time via contract. The job of the agricultural inspector is to ensure that farms are being held accountable for improper actions in the form of fines. In order for a farm to be fined, they must be caught by the inspector doing something on the list below, and proof must be provided via a screenshot, using a form on the website that will only be visible to someone with the inspector status.

Contractors can apply to become an Agricultural Inspector. Job description is as follows.

  • Patrol specified areas that are on the contract they accept.
  • If a violator is spotted, screen shots must be taken and submitted on the website. The player will follow the predetermined violation list to figure out what their fine will be. *Player can Roleplay it out if they wish in chat, or simply fill out the form. Roleplay would be appreciated for the atmosphere.
  • Inspectors are allowed to visit the farms to ensure that players are caring for all things. Equipment not “Too dirty” to where they will work properly. Is there equipment just lying all around the place. Bales, pallets, etc.
  • Inspectors will check the store areas to ensure that no equipment is being left behind. If you see something, make a note of it, and then check on it later to see if it’s still around.
  • Flipped equipment that could be Roleplayed as unsafe driving. (John Grimm is screwed)