Farm Simulator Network or FSN for short was created sometime in early May 2019. The FSN team’s goals are to make this the best farming simulator community to be a part of by bringing unique and never seen before ways of enhancing the Farming Simulator gameplay. This includes numerous features that have been created and are utilized via our custom website.

Some of the features included are as follows:

-Achievements and statistics

-Capability to create your own business in game and promote it on the site for fellow players to see and use

-The ability to track equipment you have purchased and the ability to submit transfer of equipment to the other FSN servers

-Auction house, Investment center, and Permit center

-Finances: Accounting, Banking, Finances


-Custom Search feature on the site for finding fellow farmers, or businesses

By giving all these features, we at the FSN team believe that anyone who plays on our servers will have a fun and enjoyable time! For further information on how everything works, please refer to our knowledge base and our wiki. But also, don’t be afraid to ask questions to any admin or staff member via our discord!

Your FSN Team!