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FSN Dev Desk & Weekly Articles

V.51 Release Changelog
New Features
- Added stretch goals feature
- Added Golden Bale Accrual
- Added current total farms per server, along with farm names and home countries to the servers page on front of site.
- Added ability to delete Draft Invoices.
- Iteration 1 of NPC farming contracts on Seneca.
- Added Mod Team Testing Area to assess new potential mods.
- Iteration 1 of NPC maintenance contracts on Seneca.
- ADM Panel Addition so all senior staff can do manual transactions.
- Added new 'Data' menu option.
- Added Ranking Homepage. Began work on displaying various ranking.
- Added referral program.
- Added RP Article incentive program.
- Iteration 1 of the vehicle transfer program.
- Logged in ability to view all farms on a given server under Data tab.
- Iteration 1 of the ledger system implemented.
- Opened the Bales Barns & Beyond shop.
- Added Forecast Center
- Added Forecasting NPC Contracts
- 1st Iteration of Inspector and Police Contracts
- Added Bale Shop Inventory & Activation

- Added incremental bidding increases for equipment auctions, bids will be 100, 1000, or 2500 per bid depending on auction current price.
- Added incremental bidding increases for player land auctions, bids will be 1000, 2500 or 5000 per bid depending on auction current price.
- Modified stock market movement scripts.
- Added 3% transaction/broker fee to stock transactions.
- Streamlined interface, removed contractor and farm menu tabs, combining under Myself tab as My Business and Purchase Equipment.
- Added incremental bidding increases for NPC auctions, bids will be 5000 or 10000 per bid depending on auction current price.
- Modified registration script process and removed a DB table for optimization.
- Added additional security checks for admin panel, restricted viewing to various portions of admin panel based on user role.
- Added two new discord channels.
- Added additional ease of use and creature comfort items to agreements area including extension length, mutually agreed deletion.
- Added auction restriction potential to make some auctions contractor only and some auctions only available to people (contractors or farmers) with land nav of under 1 million dollars.
- Removed errant old text about knowledgebase article from invoice page in preparation for new wiki article.
- Limited inbound and outbound invoice list to most recent 25 for performance and to prepare for pages views.
- Made it so that when equipment doesn't have an image yet in the DB it will not try to display an image so there is no broken link.
- Streamlined map db entries.
- Added Servers 9 & 10 to servers page.
- Restructured homepage of website.
- Removed old db table for compressed time seasons.
- Changed auto-restart warning from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
- Removed inactive & npc farms from invoice selection list to de clutter it a bit.
- Added referral box to registration form.
- Closed access to Import/Export system so coding can continue on it.
- Made sure minimum amount to take for a loan is 25,000
- Removed brokerage fee on stock sales.
- Upgraded password reset to new site functionality.
- Changed auction spawn algorithm for more auction availability and more diversity.
- Changed auction bidding requirements to 10% of bid price, but must be paid in 24 hours or a fine will be in place.
- Wiped Transaction Log DB to prepare for first testing of ledger system.
- Added ledger logging for manual staff transactions.
- Added 'Next Page' button at bottom of BB&B pages.
- Consolidated police & inspector DBs.
- Put anti-spam measures in place for wiki.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed instance of country flag option not updating in settings under certain conditions.
- Fixed contract cancel not showing for contract owner with certain restriction settings.
- Fixed property tax liability going away without deducting from account.
- Fixed bug with equipment page not displaying properly.
- Fixed bug where bidders of restricted types could see the bid button on NPC land auctions.
- Fixed instance where if two people accepted a contract at almost the same moment the system would process both, making the second person get the contract and the first acceptance to not get the job.
- Fixed improper message showing up on successful login to site.
- Fixed a couple homepage buttons not displaying proper sizing compared to others.
- Fixed issue where some auto NPC contracts were showing for $0.
- Fixed issues with some permits not having appropriate pricing in certain scenarios.
- Fixed instances of equipment auction details not showing up in some cases.
- Fixed instances where you could buy more shares than were available.
- Fixed instances of being able to double complete a contract.
- Fixed issue where invoices were not correctly putting through data to ledger system.
- Fixed instances were permit renewal was borked.
- Fixed Server 8 crop pricing.
- Fixed rare instance of being able to register duplicate username.
- Fixed issue where you could submit Highway Bux tickets during wrong time period.
- Fixed issue where recent winners would also show denied tickets.
- Fixed bug where selling 10 shares of a stock wouldn't yield any money.
LIVE Happenings
Muximus59 with Magoney Farms has requested a fund transfer for their farm on server # 1.
Muximus59 with Magoney Farms has completed a contract number 4096 offered by Midwest Weather Center
Jcriss with J&M Ranch Inc. has completed a contract number 4097 offered by Smoky Mountains Weather Center
Sephy placed a bid of $215,000.00 on auction #60000015 on behalf of Gambler Incorporated
SchpuneAssociates with Schpune Associates has paid off some of their business liabilities.

LIVE Stats

Registrations: 579
Farmable Acreage: 11567.90
Owned Land NAV: $25,807,715.00
Acres Harvested: 2891.81
Contracts Completed: 4117
Fines Written: 81